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Videos in ladies profiles

Our clients have a possibility to watch a girl’s video. This service will help to find out and clearly see your girl-friend in her every day life.

Our partners help a girl to take the video and then upload it on the site with her prior consent. You can then find it in her profile.

There are two ways to access the video.
  • 1. Find and watch the video in a girl’s profile.
  • 2. .Find the video in the video gallery

There may be one or several videos in a girl’s profile. Please note that this service is chargeable.

Watching the video in a girl’s profile.

Videos available for viewing are located in My video section in a girl’s profile. Higher you can find a short description of the service and a price in credits for one-time viewing. By clicking on the button in the player preview, you can immediately watch the video.

Note that a service will be available only if you have enough credits in your account. Check your credit balance and replenish your credit account if necessary.

Watching video from the gallery.

To watch the video in the gallery you have to visit the page, choose the video that you like and click the button in the player preview. Please note that some groups of video may not be available for viewing. It may mean that a girl or the administration blocked the access to a certain videoat the moment. Try to view it later.

Using of the video.

When you start using the service it means you accept it as it is admitting the fact that it was provided to you by our partners ( dating agencies). Thus any complains about the quality of the video, it’s length, and content will not be accepted. We also disclaim liability for any errors in translation or any errors that occur due to low internet connection speed during downloading video in your browser. In all the cases mentioned above you are not entitled to compensation.

You are entitled to compensation if we get from you clear evidence of any error on our part including any technical problems or those that are connected with fraud or scamming in the video itself.

Our partners shot and edit the video at their own discretion. In the case a girl is speaking her native language in the video we ask them to add simultaneous translation or subtitles. If there is no speech in the video it can be supplemented with some background music. This video is for private viewing only. It can not be used by you for any purpose outside the site.

We reserve the right to suspend your membership on our site if the video is used by you on other websites or in any other way different from stated in our rules.

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