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Sort out your priorities. Be active and persistent. Start showing initiative. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Is it worth going to a faraway country to see her? Get closer, speak Russian! How to invite a woman to your country. Spend great time together on neutral territory. It is no use sending money. The more you give the more you receive. Sort out your priorities. It is of great importance to start your search by answering yourself a question "What am I lo...
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User name, E-mail, verification of your account Now registration on the site is very simple. To subscribe to Bridge-of-love.com is very simple too. You need to fill in some required fields in the form Sign up FREE, to join us. Please note that you must enter a valid e-mail address, just because you’ll get an email with instructions from us to activate your account. We also ask you to get acquainted with the Terms of Use Agreement for the members of our site. We require your full a...
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Promotional codes are a new and efficient way to avoid considerable expenses on the Bridge-of-love. Present your ladies with gifts, keep in touch, share interests, add more favorites, be an active member and take advantage of promocodes. Promotional codes are virtual units on the site through which you can buy credits, gifts, or other otherwise paid services. Promotional codes give you a great opportunity to chat online much cheaper. If buying a gift for a girl, you see a promotional c...
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Photo and Avatar For an efficient online search on a dating site, you have to be visually present. We will not demand much information from you at registration, but you must fill out a profile form. This will help our girls to make their search. Your avatar and photos are very significant for your prospect brides. The avatar gives the girls a favorable first impression about you. You can upload your avatar at any time. Step one. To access picture and avatar settings you have to choose t...
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The Bridge-of-love objectives you can accomplish now to get bonus credits are… Facebook Task +1 credits. Non-repeat objective.Can be accomplished only once. Activate your profile Task +1 credits. Non-repeat objective. Can be accomplished only once. Complete your profile Task. +1 credits. Non-repeat objective. Can be accomplished only once. "Avatar" Task. +1 credits. Non-repeat objective. Can be accomplished only once. Gift Task....
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