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Girls Of The Month Bridge of love January 2017 cont...
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- Hello! The beauty contest "Miss September" with the theme "The End of Summer" of bridge-of-love.com ended and our winner is Oksana ID 107944 ! Our congradulations to you, Oksana! - Hello! Thank you. - Tell us please how did you made your photo. - Well there is no secret of it, it is just about the real beauty and some style. - Do you know, by the opinion of the majority of men you were the most beautiful lady of this September! What do you feel about it? - Thank you, well I a...
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Lyudmila saw a photo of Dave accidently and immediately had a desire to write to him, to share their feelings. The answer from Dave became a big surprising and changed Ludmila's life forever! We are not afraid of obstacles that stand in our way. This is the language barrier, and the distance of thousands of kilometers, and the issues surrounding peoples. Our love is rapidly gaining momentum, and we could not live without each other. We are constantly communicating in chat, exchanged letters ...
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- The beauty contest "Miss July" with the theme "Ladies in Swimsuits" of bridge-of-love.com ended and our winner is Marina ID 108256! Our congradulations to you, Marina! - Thank you! It's very pleasant for me! - Tell us please about your photo and how did you made it. -It was a very hot day. I was always thirsty) It took more than an hour. But I like the result. - Were you shy or not sending your photo in swimsuit on "Miss July" contest? - Yes, I was shy. I thought it was not good. I th...
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  Started the contest Miss month March Bridge-of-love.com Natalya ID:105171 Age: 32 Ukraine, Kherson Anastasia ID:111368 Age: 29 Ukraine, Kharkiv Yana ID:120607 Age: 18 Ukraine, Zaporozhye Ivanna ID:122150 Age: 21 Ukraine, Poltava Elina ID:122899 Age: 28 Ukraine, Poltava   Lyubov ID:122905 Age: 22 Ukraine, Kiev Victoria ID:122235 Age: 21 Ukraine, Kremenchuk Alina ID:122370 Age: 21 Ukraine, Kharkiv Elena ID:122711 Age:...
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