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Magic Box and Experience

Magic Box Image 23912.jpg

About Experience.

Characteristic of the male profile that gains with active communication on the site is free of charge and opens the possibility to exchange gained experience points for useful functions of our site.

The number of your experience points can be seen in the top menu near the purchase credits button


When you click on the link, a window opens that allows you to exchange your credits for experience following the declared exchange rate.



About Magic Box.

It is a new article on the website that allows you to purchase new useful functions (magic boxes) by exchanging experience.

Access to currently active magic boxes is done from the top I change the Extensions by clicking on the link Shop Magic Box


The Magic Box page contains the left menu for access to the main sub-sections of the store.


Shop Magic Box is a gallery of action at present magic boxes with description and current prices


My MagicBox contains the purchased magic boxes that you can use at any time. There are functional buttons for use:

Use to use the MagicBox

Sell allows you to exchange a magic box on experience

Delete allows you to delete an unnecessary MagicBox


At the same time, there is information about the quantity that you have at the moment.

My magic history Contains detailed information about the history of buying and using the MagicBox


To make a choice and exchange your experience for some function presented in the store, you should carefully read the description for it and the terms of delivery and click on the buy button


The current exchange rate of experience for the function is listed next to this button. Clicking on the buy button will open a window for meeting and exchange of experience for the function.

Take a note. The exchange will be successful only in case when you have enough amount of experience.

The lady's profile page now contains an icon that will provide quick access to some of the magic boxes you bought


When you click on it you will have access to the magic boxes of the function that relate to the lady’s profile for the quick possibility to install it on the profile.

If you did everything correctly, a notice about the installation of the magicbox will appear in the section.


More about MagicBoxes.

Conventionally, all the magic boxes that are in your cabinet can be divided into two subcategories

    • 1. Magic boxes for ladies Ringleader, Virtual Balls, Bouquet, Cake, Virtual kiss, Strawberry
    • 2. Magic boxes for client Hot, Invisible, Credits, Hacker, Stop, Spam, Email,

Magic Boxes that are designed for girls work on the principle of stickers that you install on the girl's profile, thereby showing your attitude towards her. There only one sticker can be installed. If you try to put another sticker on the lady’s profile, the previous one will be deleted. Sticker Validity -7 days.


It allows you to tell about yourself to all the girls of the website by installing a cool sticker in the form of red pepper. This sticker will be visible to all the girls on the site who will visit your profile or find your avatar in the gallery.


The mode of your profile will allow you to remain invisible when visiting ladies' profiles. Girls will not be notified that you are viewing their profile and also will not know that you have read the lady’s profile or letter. You remain as secretive as possible. The mode does not allow you to hide your profile fully. Ladies will see that you are online. And also will be able to receive letters from you and your invites to a chat.


Magic box lottery, using which you can win some credits. You can get credits, a maximum of 50.


You can get accurate information about your lady’s current location based on her geolocation data. Start the box and you will get a dialog box with related content.


The function will allow you not to receive any chat calls from any of the ladies on the site within 30 days. Just use your set of the magic box on the page of the girl to activate this mode or write her id in the related window


This Magicbox allows you to send your E-mail to a lady without disturbing the website's rules. Lady will receive your E-mail, but it will lack 3 random letters. We can't guarantee that she will write to you on email because we can not control it



Her Favorites

This Magicbox allows you to see all the favorites of your lady.


It allows you to get a random magicbox from the list of available.

Additional Information

Any function that you purchased in Magic Box cannot be refunded.

The duration of each function is noted in the description. Changing the validity of any function affects only new features and does not affect the currently active.

The function is provided solely on a principle as it is and cannot be modified, edited or abolished at the request of the client.

The administration has the right to change the conditions for the provision of any functionality within the borders of the magic box at any time and also to cancel or edit it without additional notification for clients.

Notice. At this moment using Magic box features is available only through the PC system. We are working with intense on adaptations for mobile iOS and Andriod versions.

Functionality is provided on all the basic principles of the site services following the Terms and Conditions and License agreement.