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Dear Clients, The website's Administration wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you love and be loved on our website and in your real life. We prepared and have already presented a lot of pleasant surprises for our customers. we distributed 30 promocodes among website's customers. The most active customers received the new profile status. After a few hours we will start a new themed event on our website. We thank you for your support and kind words to our addre...
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Widget is an option that helps you to add girls with whom you have a constant communication. There is a limitation for girls' amount in the lists of different groups: Member - 6 Bronze-11 Silver-15 Gold, Platinum, Diamond-20 If you want to change your group, you must click a green arrow (see the picture 1) in the widget that will help you to choose a credit package. If you want to add some girl in your personal list, you must drag the avatar of the girl with the he...
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Write an article or a note about the dating site Bridge-of-love.com on your site or blog ,put a link and get credits at your account. If you have already used our site and appreciated quality of our services,if you wish to help us in promoting of our resource,the company «Bridge of Love» proposes you to take an active part in the advertising of our site on the internet. If you have a blog or a site with good attendance or a page in the social network - you can leave a note or ...
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The more friends we have, the less we suffer from insomnia or chronic fatique syndrome. Friendship with people who are more successful or happier and are proud of it leads to stresses and can increase the risk of heart attacks. However this fact is rather controversial. Men are more loyal to their friends than women are to their girl-friends. Men make new friends and change old ones less often than women do. In oriental countries it is rather popular for men to walk arm in arm. It ...
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Researchers from the University of Montreal (Canada) found that people have less pleasant dreams when they are in their late twenties and early thirties. Such conclusion was made as a result of a study which examined night dreams of men and women for about 11 years. At the same time, according to scientists, both men and women have erotic dreams. Yet the stronger sex have them more often.85 % of men regularly have wet dreams, while 73% of women admitted that they have such dreams at leas...
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