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A widget is an option that helps you to add girls with whom you have constant communication.   There is a limitation for girls' amount in the lists of different groups: Member - 6 Bronze-11 Silver-15 Gold, Platinum, Diamond-20 If you want to change your group, you must click a green arrow (see picture 1) in the widget that will help you to choose a credit package. If you want to add some girl in your list, you must drag the avatar of the girl with the help o...
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Dear clients! Due the fact that you prefer to send photos in chat with your ladies we decided to removed all limits once and for all. Now you can send your photos, photos of your family and friends in any format according to the requirements of Private gallery. It is a one more opportunity  to make your communication more pleasant. We are finishing the development of opportunities that will allow you to send photos in the chat hiding from your camera in accordance with yo...
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Dear customers! Our website greets you with an upcoming HALLOWEEN!!!   And due that we will launch a themed  party, ladies will be in Haloween images and costumes to add the atmospheere:) During party ladies gallery will be enlarged as well!   Also new credits pack is going to be added and giveaway of new status members...
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  Dear clients! We're glad to introduce you from this moment on our website a new gallery of individual gifts. In this gallery, we are ready to add any gift that you want to present a girl. You write to us!   what and when you would like to present your girlfriend, send a photo and we estimate the possibility of this delivery. After agreeing with you, the gift is added to our gallery within 48 hours for 30 days ...
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