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Intention to dating Bridge-of-Love website




General regulations

The most attention is provided by the administration to ladies profiles that are on our website.


Dear clients.

Bridge of love is an international website for communication with real people all over the world.

The purpose of our work is to isolate people who look for real relationships from scammers who create fake accounts,

web models, etc.  

In such a way, we are making a good place to find real relationships and move them to meet, date and real romantic meetings, love.

Every employee of the website is considering a website as a place where real love relationships are born from any corner of the world.

Successful meeting of our clients in real life. happiness and love is the best reward we can have for our job.

For all the time of work of the website, thousands of people got their pleasant emotions from real dates.


How to make the right moves to meet a lady in her country.


Some information is already posted on the website in the article Your steps to real happiness.

If at any moment of your communication you seem to notice that relationships with the lady already can be more going to be something more, then our website provides next:


You can send an e-mail to your lady or use a phone number using a magic box.


You can purchase lady's contact information which will contain her phone, e-mail, etc and also take a risk to the following relationships out of the website,


(the most recommended so far) You can write us an Intention to dating request to a lady, or several ladies, note the most fitting time and get recommendations from us and free help about managing your schedule of visit.

The third way is more appropriate in our opinion. First of all for the client of our website the profile status of whom is GOLD one and higher this service is free. By using it you will launch an Intention to dating service in a result of which:

a) There is no need to spend your funds on the purchase of lady's contact info due to the fact of keeping communication on the website

b) Get a guarantee that due the launched  Intention to dating service, lady's profile will not be deleted from a website (special conditions  will be discussed)

c) Get an official reply from our partners in-country where the lady lives about agreement or refusal of meeting with you

d) Get additional information in terms of the possible meeting are not suitable for you

e) Have confidentiality provided in the case of a meeting with several ladies

g) Have a 100% confidence about the fact that meeting will go and the moment when you are leaving your country

Note and limitations of intention to dating


1) Requesting intention to dating like any other help, consultation should be done not less than 30 days before your visit to lady's country

2) Reply to a request about the intention of dating from the agency can be as positive and as negative either, the agency can provide different time to organize a meeting

3) The responsibility for breaking the intention of the dating process is on  Ukraine agency only (our partners) and only by material cause.

4) The website does not take responsibility for any action for non-action from the agency in Ukraine, ladies or client in borders of providing the intention to dating service