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Although we usually try to keep our private lives separate from work, love doesn’t choose where to strike. Nobody is guaranteed against falling for one of their coworkers or even their boss. What should you do if something like this happens to you? Is it reasonable to give it a shot? Or is it better to suppress your feelings and shift your affection to a more suitable object? Let’s look at pros and cons of office romance. Common interests and common goal If you are employed ...
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Independent Dating is a popular UK-based dating platform created to bring together lonely hearts from across the entire country. A great number of people have chosen this website to search for their second half. Indeed, its eye-pleasing design, rich functionality and well-balanced subscription system make it one of the best options available for UK singles. Let’s look at the main advantages of this dating service. 100% genuine profiles. Independent Dating makes sure all infor...
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Do you agree that a cute appearance is not as important as a rich inner world? Do you judge women by the way they talk rather than the way they look? Do you dream of dating an intelligent versatile lady that enjoys literature discussions and scientific exhibitions? Then Braniac Dating is the right place for you! The site sports over 37,000 active members internationally, both male and female, that are looking for their smart second half. Unlike most other dating platforms, Braniac Da...
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Mobile technologies are gradually taking over each and every sphere of human existence, including our personal lives. According to the latest social studies, 70% of people don’t mind finding a date via mobile dating location based apps and resorted to digital technologies at least several times to arrange a date. 40% of them are active users that run geo-location services while going out at bars, restaurants and clubs. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam and don’t know how to k...
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A train trip is like a little adventure. This is another world where there is no urban haste, deadlines and house chores. Instead of hurrying somewhere as they usually do, people are looking for a way to kill time. And talking to your neighbors is a great option, especially if one of them is a beautiful single woman. Advantages of train affair Actually, meeting a girl on a train tour increases your chances of success in comparison with standard dating scenarios. First of all, each compa...
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