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I am greeting you, my darling! I would like to share with you my unforgettable emotions that I have got during my magic trip to one small and fabulous state Malta. As I have already mentioned, I got unbelievable impressions that I will never forget and that will enrich the rest of my life. As like others girls in travel I had one common issue that kept me on the alert during my vacation. This issue is absence of you! I wish I could share my happiness with you. I wish we could see this parad...
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Realists claim that life is an event of a universal extent that consists of a run of a good luck and a run of a bad one. However, I can state that I am a realist! There are no such judgmental colors in my life; my life consists of a bright palette. Thus, my story is an example of this. I am fond of travelling and I consider myself as like a girl in travel who always dreamt to visit one compact world by the name of the Dominican Republic. Are you ready to dive into the fairy-tale tha...
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I am greeting you, my dear! How do you think what we need for our happiness? That's right - we need love and an ability to travel all around the world. Moreover, it is desirable to travel with the one you love! One small step forwards my dream I have already done. Yes, this small step was so frantic and so important for me. I have already stated travelling and the first place that I visited was one of the most ancient and mysterious countries in the world. The name of this country is Italy....
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I am greeting you, my lovely man! I would like to share with you my impressions that I got during my unbelievable journey through the country of pyramids and Great Sphinx. Yes, I did it recently and I spent the whole week in one hot place that has a name of Egypt. This trip was really fantastic and unforgettable. So, first things first. As far as you know, my native city Nikolayev has already felt the first freezing weather and almost every citizen dressed in warm clothes preparing for N...
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  There is a silent hope for finding love in the world where are lots of lonely hearts. It doesn't even matter where we will meet this love - in a home country, in the neighbor street or, even, at the edge of the Earth. The point is to believe that love exists somewhere. I believe in my love and I know that you my knight in shining armors are ready to accomplish a feat in the name of our love. Unfortunately, we live far away from each other and our mutual desire to spend a vacation toge...
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