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The pearl of Ukraine When you come to beautiful and colourful Ukraine, you must visit an extraordinary city Odessa. This comfortable and cute place is located in the south of the country, where you can enjoy the Black Sea and nice green parks. As local people say: “Odessa never sleeps” and it is really true. Here, every single tourist will find numerous entertainments no matter preferences. Way in and out There is only one Odessa International Airport in the city and it i...
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Like an every person, a city has its own history, individuality and character. The city’s peculiarities are created by the originality of the people having built it, living here and protecting this city. Lviv is an ancient city having the eternally young heart. The face of the city changes every year, but the magic of old times is constantly present here. Lviv is well-known in Europe by its splendour and magnificence, combining the features of old times and modern life of the society. Lvi...
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If you want to visit Ukraine – on of the cities in your “must visit” list should be Mykolaiv. It is a big industrial city in the south of Ukraine with a population over 450000. It was founded in 1789 by Grigori Potemkin. In the past Mykolaiv was a center of shipbuilders and shipbuilding. Now, however, shipbuilding is in decline. Mykolaiv oblast has turned into a resort for the local people. Advantageous geographical location and access to the Black Sea giving such ...
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Kharkov is the ex-capital of Ukraine and its second largest city. It’s located in the north-east part of this country, in its Slobozhanshchyna historical region. This famous city was found in the first half of 17th century. There are different theories why it is called this way. Kharkov has amazing cultural and historical heritage and is one of the biggest shopping and industrial centers. That’s why it attracts many tourists from other countries. When planning to visit it, ma...
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Kyiv is the capital and the largest Ukrainian city with the population about 3 000 000 people. It was founded in the 5th century A.D. and has a great historical past. There’re lots of amazing places of interest and visiting this wonderful city on the river Dnieper would be a finest idea ever and a possibility to have a touch to the center of Europe. Moreover, it’s easy to get there and you’ll never feel bored while wandering around the most important city in Ukraine. How ...
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