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Because of their unique appearance and personality, alternative dudes often have troubles finding a girl that likes alternative culture and shares their tastes.  Most females avoid tattooed guys with strange hair color and a ring in their nose. However, there are hundreds of girls in your neighborhood that find it attractive and sexy. And you might spend your entire life not knowing that one of them is living right across the street.  Don’t miss your chance and join Savage Heart...
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Most people prefer to date their peers. But there is no such obstacle as age for true love. What should you do if you’ve developed feelings for a woman much younger than you? Are age gap relationships good or bad? Let’s find out. First of all, age gap makes it difficult to understand each other. People of different age categories have different priorities and interests. In couples where a man is 10 to 15 years older than a woman, the spouses often lead separate ways of life. Wh...
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Both qualified psychologists and romantic movies keep telling us there are only a limited number of people we can fall in love with. What if your perfect option has already been taken? Should you step back or fight for your love? Or maybe reach a compromise and keep seeing your sweetheart in secret? Dating a married woman may sound freaky at first, especially for advocates of marital fidelity and pure reputation, but on second thought, this type of relationship has certain advantages. Th...
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Romantic relationship between business people is always different than that of most other people. Aside from tender feelings and common interest, they usually have a joint business, which makes their union stronger and more meaningful. However, running your own company is a challenging and time-consuming task that requires great commitment and eats up all your free nights and weekends. Top level executives often have simply no time to go out and look for their second half. If this problem is...
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Unfortunately, love doesn’t always last forever. Nobody is guaranteed against a tragic turn of events, and each day hundreds of families fall apart and hundreds of women stay alone with a kid on their hands. Bringing up a child without a man is a challenge not every woman can take. If you are looking for a loving, caring and faithful wife, dating a single mom is your golden chance. Why are single moms better than other women? First of all, they know the true value of love. While mos...
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