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Being a single mom isn’t easy. Baby care, house chores, money-making – she has to carry everything on her fragile shoulders. And when she meets a man of her dream, she can’t be sure he’ll take the news about her little one with enthusiasm. If you are looking for a woman with a kid, read this week-long single mom dating diary with our commentaries that you might find useful when going on a date with a solo mother. Day First He finally asked me out. I don’t ...
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In a big city with a multimillion population like Houston, it’s rather hard to find a woman of your dreams. Even though every day you pass by hundreds of pretty ladies in the street, the hectic temp of life doesn’t leave you even a few spare minutes to say a compliment and exchange phone numbers. As a result, Houston is full of unhappy singles. Isn’t it ironic to walk alone in the crowd rubbing shoulders with complete strangers? If you have no time to take care of your pe...
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Some people think that distant communication is a self-deception. Is it really possible to get to know a woman and fall in love across thousands of kilometers separating you? The difference between the virtual image and the real person is sometimes so huge that it may even make you question your feelings. Don’t worry, Bridge of Love minimizes the risks and maximizes the pleasure! After you read our dating tips, benefits of online dating will become obvious to you. Tip first. Post a ...
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The older we get the lonelier we feel. In their thirties, most men start thinking about family and actively looking for that special lady they would like to share their life with. However, finding the right person isn’t always that easy. Lack of time, limited opportunities, mere shyness – all these factors prevent a number of guys even from approaching a woman, let alone bond with her. If you’re tired of waking up alone, if you miss romance and love, if the sight of happy ...
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