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Website's payment systems

Bridge of Love - communication website.

We provide remotely, part of which are is paid. We think that clients of our website must take care of online payments on their own if they have to wish to use paid services.

Bridge of Love - communication website. We provide remotely, part of which are is paid. We think that clients of our website must take care of online payments on their own if they have to wish to use paid services.

For making the purchase of credits on our website (know more about credits)in a fastest and safe way you should use one of the available payment systems on the website, using credit or debit card that is allowed to make internet transactions. Take a notice that allows using the card for internet purchases that must be given by the bank eminent. 

This way of purchase has a very high level of reliability and is also performed in the shortest time possible. Reliability is ensured by the fact that payment you make is done on the site of payment systems and not on our website. As a result of your choice of a credit package and payment system, you go to the site of the payment system where you enter your card details. Our site never gets stored, does not use or transmit your card data!

USUALLY IN A CASE OF A PURCHASE, CREDITS WILL BE COUNTED ON YOUR ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY. If you haven't received your credits in 1 minute after purchase then you should do next: 

1) Go to order history and check order status

2) If order status - finished, then you should just refresh your browser's page and be sure that credits are on your account;

3) If order status - pending, then you should check were your funds billed or no;

4) If funds were billed, but credits weren't counted, then it is probably a glitch in the payment system website(it is a very rare situation). But do not worry. For solving this issue just write us a letter on this address ...  where you need to explain the issue, write an S/N of the order and provide a screenshot where billing is noted. After the provided request solution comes in 48 hours. 

5) If funds were not billed, then we have provided a list of reasons why it happens.
To noticing exactly your issue please contact us. 

There is a list of reasons with their proper codes

"UNAPPROVED 100: do not honor" "The following error - is a rejection of bank. Card owner should send a request to the bank eminent for receiving further information about the issue"

"UNAPPROVED 116: not sufficient funds" "The following error means that you do not have a required amount of funds on your account. Please check your balance and try again"
"UNAPPROVED 119: transaction not permitted to cardholder" "The following error means that  your bank does not allow you to make purchases with this card and limited your max purchase amount"

"DECLINED 182: 3d secure authentication failed  ?" "The following error means that certain data of your card was entered wrong (expiration date or CVV). Please double-check the data you have entered and try again."

"DECLINED 948: suspected fraud?" "The following error means that your card was noticed in fraud or scam actions, please use other card or contact your bank to know details."

"DECLINED 949: abandoned" "The following error means that you have entered all data right, but you have not clicked Confirm button, or left the order window for a long time, please try again."

"UNAPPROVED 114: no account of the type requested" "It is possible that car holder is not allowed to make purchases through the internet or it is not sufficient funds on account in requested currency. But the certain answers you can receive only from the bank eminent itself because the rejection was executed from there. Cardholder must contact with bank for solving this issue."

"UNAPPROVED 104: limited card"
"Limits were set by the eminent bank. It could be restrictions of purchase attempts per day, month and also limits on payments in Euro, other restrictions that were set by the bank."

Alternative ways of purchase

If listed methods are not fitting or you have any other ways for online purchases and want to pay for services with them, please contact us. We asking you to explain your issue with maximum full details. Please take notice that all alternative ways of purchase, whatever they are, will make a time of receiving credits and successful purchases longer. In some cases, after receiving a purchase you will need to wait 24 hours before credits will be counted. We hope that clients that choosing an alternative way of purchase and settled a procedure with the administration are ready for dialogue and patienceWe are not interested in us having your funds, but you haven't received our credits. We website's administration makes everything it can to make time between payment and credits counting shorter.

Answer to common questions prices are listed in USD, what should I do if my card's currency is not a USD?
Your card's currency does not matter for the payment system website. You can successfully pay for services if your card is in Euro, Yien or Pounds. Your bank eminent will count a proper amount by its course of currency. Contact your bank to know what course you need.