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Train tour dates – how to embark on railway romance

A train trip is like a little adventure. This is another world where there is no urban haste, deadlines and house chores. Instead of hurrying somewhere as they usually do, people are looking for a way to kill time. And talking to your neighbors is a great option, especially if one of them is a beautiful single woman.

Advantages of train affair

Actually, meeting a girl on a train tour increases your chances of success in comparison with standard dating scenarios. First of all, each compartment holds a limited number of passengers and we believe you’re not the least attractive of them. Even if she is reluctant to communicate at first, eventually she’ll get bored and start a conversation herself. This particularly concerns long journeys that take several days.

Train tour dates are good because they start as an innocent talk between two people who bought tickets next to each other. Travelling in the same compartment greatly encourages interaction between neighbors. Sharing the table, watching over each other’s stuff while one of you is out to buy a hamburger at the station, trying to open a stuck window together – all this makes you closer than you think. Any common activity is a huge progress in relationship, so the more time you spend doing something together the better you get to know each other.

Besides, those that had a train affair usually recall it as one of the most romantic experiences in their lives. Imagine a half-dark compartment, dim lights that create a special intimate atmosphere, blurred balls of lanterns and black silhouettes of trees passing by the window and casting sophisticated shadows onto the floor… Meaningless talk across a small piece of space separating your berths, so small that you can even hear each other breathing and feel the warmth of each other’s bodies… And then, following a common impulse, you both intuitively extend your hands, and they touch in the dark sending shivers down your spines…

However, we let our imagination run wild. In real world, you’re still sitting against that young attractive lady on the opposite berth and can’t think of anything intriguing to say. How do you start a conversation with a single woman on a train trip? Take our advice and the ice will break.

Possible openings

The most obvious opening is to ask where she’s heading for and what she’s going to do there. This is a great topic that gives you a chance to find out where she comes from, what she does for a living and whether she is married or not.

Another way to approach a lady that’s travelling in the same compartment is to help her solve any of the numerous issues that arise during a train trip – for instance, carry her bags or help her get onto the upper berth. Don’t wait for her to ask, just do it. At the very least, she will thank you. That’s a small, but efficient start.

If there is no chance to show your good manners, ask if you can get her anything during long at big stations. A bottle of mineral water, a doughnut or a spare pen is a great way to make an acquaintance, too.

Romance opportunities

Is it possible to have romantic moments in a dusty crowded train that’s shaking and rattling? Yes, it is! For instance, you can stand together by one of the corridor windows and watch the passing lights, or lie on the opposite berths sharing the same earset and listening to slow music, or take a series of memorable pictures. If there is nobody else in your compartment, you can even arrange a romantic dinner with candles and wine. Just make sure the candles stay put when the train jerks and stumbles.

As you see, train tour dates may prove to be incredibly exciting and rewarding. If you show enough initiative and resourcefulness, this journey will become one of your brightest memories. Besides, a non-committal affair like that can always evolve into something serious and meaningful.  Who knows, after all, the girl that just entered the compartment could even be your future wife.