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Mobile dating – location based dating apps worth checking out

Mobile technologies are gradually taking over each and every sphere of human existence, including our personal lives. According to the latest social studies, 70% of people don’t mind finding a date via mobile dating location based apps and resorted to digital technologies at least several times to arrange a date. 40% of them are active users that run geo-location services while going out at bars, restaurants and clubs. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam and don’t know how to kill time or your friend cancelled a meeting at the last moment, try one of these apps to hook up with single ladies hanging out at the same location. 

1. OkCupid

For a decade or so, OKCupid has been one of the most popular dating platforms sometimes even referred to as “the Google of online dating.” Finally, the site introduced its own geo-location software to help bring together local singles. Like any other apps of the kind, OKCupid gives access to the profiles of singles within the radius of 25 to 500 miles and allows users to hook up for a real life date. Whenever you’re free and interested in meeting someone, the app will inform possible nearby dates, urging them to start a dialogue. Visa versa, you’ll be alerted to the appearance of a potential match in the dating range as well. A great advantage of OKCupid is photo support that makes the choice much easie

2. Sonar

This is a unique mobile dating location based app connecting users of multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Forsquare, that happen to be in the same area. After checking into a location, you will be able to search through the list of nearby singles and contact those you find attractive. The service automatically determines how compatible the two of you are by comparing your interests. Besides, you can set a status indicating that you are free at the moment and looking for somebody to join in for a certain kind of activity that is visible to other app users in your proximity.

3. Skout

One of the largest and feature-packed mobile dating apps for both iPhone and Android users, Skout allows you to get involved in a wide variety of online activities, including private chat, private blog and flirt buzz – a special feature tracking nearby singles that are looking for a date. Comprehensive search filters encourage contacts between people who meet each other’s dating preferences, while red flags warn them against inappropriate options. That makes efficient dating solution that helps you quickly find a compatible single near your current location

4. MeetMoi

According to MeetMoi, a good dating service must be simple and quick. Keeping that in mind, the company created an app that connects people based on their proximity and compatibility. The software shows only those singles in the same area that fit your dating requirements, thus making the entire process of finding a date significantly faster. Your location is updated in real time. Once you show up at a certain place, your profile becomes available to all nearby singles that might find it interesting.

5. Tinder

This iPhone app greatly simplifies the matching process by adding the like/dislike option. Basically, you flip through the photos of people in the dating range and tap the green heart if you like a person and the red cross if you don’t. If the person you green-hearted gives you a sign of sympathy in response, you can get to know each other better in a private chat room and possibly hook up in real life. Chats are only available if your interest is mutual. That eliminates incompatible matches and offers a more efficient and rewarding online dating experience.