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Credits: Payment and Refund

[Update: June, 2020] Starting dating online can be a challenge. It gets even more demanding when you realize that dating services of high-quality are rarely free. That is why, we have gathered everything you need to know about credits on Bridge of Love. Enjoy!

Payment and Refund in Detail

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    Bridge of Love is an international dating site. The site for dating, flirting, communication between lonely girls from Eastern Europe and the single men all over the world. We are not one of the classic free social networks.We are closed club of real communication. As you can see there is no advertising, so we charge for correspondence from men on our website. There are millions of phishing web profiles in the social networks that have different goals in their presence there. Bridge of love went the other way. Home built on what our site - it's real people.

    To achieve this we had to sign contracts with marriage agencies in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe. Under the terms of the agency contract offer to website only profiles of real girls who are clients of the marriage agency. In proof of this, we check the lady’s passport data and this would be a proof of her reality.

    Site administrators have a videoconference with girls agency if we have doubts. Periodically, we do unscheduledcheck phone calls to the lady. Girl receives a one-time password to log in the site only on phone. This ensures that only she can enter the profile. The same method is used for example in banks and payment services on the Internet. We control the IP address and MAC address of the lady’s computer. We are monitoring her page in the social networks, her family status and relationship status. We remove the girls profiles from our site that put in status profile "in a relationship". Administrators marriage agencies do not have the password and can not use the profile of girl. We make sure the video camera allows any client to make sure it is a real girl in the on –line chat.

    Personal identification is becoming a big problem on the internet. But a Bridge of Love constantly improving soft. We often ask customers to write their thoughts and ideas on the implementation of the identification of clients as part of our site. Many of thereceived ideas have already helped to significantly reduce the risk. At the same time, we inspect the men who will make sure of its reality on our website. We believe that a man as she has to convince us of their reality before the count on the reality of women.

    I briefly outlined the identification system for you. As I said its goal - the reality of women. This and only this will ensure you aboutour site. We do not guarantee that you'll find love or a great relationship. We do not guarantee the eternal presence of the girls on the site, we do not organize a date and sell call girls.

    Our service is a platform for communication. Place where everyone is at your own risk and use our services in line with our rules. If you paid for such service- we will provide it. you asked me whether it is a real site honest we ?? Yes it is .we honestly tell our customers what we can and what we can not. we honestly say that we can not guarantee you that you will find love. We honestly say that the guarantee that any girl that you write - you will respond to the letter. We assure you guarantee marital status of the girl. We guarantee that the site does not pay money to girls and marriage agencies in Ukraine are on our website toughest professional selection.

    In a month we receive more than 50 letters of thanks from clients that our happiness. We do not study the policies of other sites like ours. Our goal is to make a website that will be convenient for people who are seeking to communicate with real people.

    We believe that communication with real people most closely approximates the user to happiness. But freedom of choice always remains with the customers, we constantly publish useful information allowing the client to take into account the culture of other countries, girls. we try to dispel all illusions, but at the same time understand that love, happiness and good fortune can not buy. We are ready to render any assistance to our clients who come to us, even if it is a bit beyond our services.

    If you are ready to join us on the terms of our rules, we will make every effort that would feel a direct connection with ordinary girls who also like you are alone, have their own dreams, mood, your goals, your character and your search criteria. Weare sure that the person who keeps care,