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Braniac Dating – smart choice for smart singles

Do you agree that a cute appearance is not as important as a rich inner world? Do you judge women by the way they talk rather than the way they look? Do you dream of dating an intelligent versatile lady that enjoys literature discussions and scientific exhibitions? Then Braniac Dating is the right place for you!

The site sports over 37,000 active members internationally, both male and female, that are looking for their smart second half. Unlike most other dating platforms, Braniac Dating encourages uniqueness and individuality. Here it’s ok to say weird things and have bizarre hobbies. You don’t necessarily need to be a genius or a computer geek to join this service, the only thing required is brains. This is not a site for people who enjoy meaningless flirting and use smileys instead of words, so if you just want to have fun and meet a party buddy, don’t waste your time. Braniac Dating is a very narrowly oriented and intellectual-specific website that will probably scare off regular down-to-earth girls and guys.

A great advantage of the platform is that most features are included on a free basis. For instance, you can create a profile, upload your photos and search through the singles’ gallery without paying a penny. You can also send winks, add friends and reply to messages free of charge, although the ability to initiate email conversations comes as part of paid subscription. A premium membership is also required to participate in live chats and create video introductions. However, subscription fees at Braniac Dating are surprisingly low – just $20 for a monthly account and $80 for year-long access to advanced features. By opting for an annual plan, you reduce the monthly cost threefold – a nice opportunity to get more functionality for less money.

Aside from basic correspondence features, the site also offers a number of special services. For instance, you can create so-called “flirt cards” and send them to members you find attractive or to unregistered people that might be interested in joining the service. With the help of Braniac Badges, you can put a link to your profile on other pages like your personal blog or social networking account. Another huge benefit of this platform is a complex matchmaking process that includes City Matches (location-based search that allows you to find potential dates in your area) and Book Matcher (search by reading interests). In addition, you can take a great variety of polls and quizzes, the results of which will be added in your profile. Communication options at Braniac Dating aren’t limited by private and instant messages and also include forums and blogs where you can even show off your writing skills or post your own poetry.

Focus on IQ, academics and books makes Braniac Dating one of the best niche dating platforms available in the internet. In fact, it won About.com’s award in 2011. However, it also has certain drawbacks. Firstly, the number of active members is rather small and those few thousands are spread across the entire world, although a vast majority comes from the U.S. That can hamper your search considerably, especially given the fact that your chances of success largely depend on the number of people you meet on the dating website like this one. Secondly, while the service praises originality and independent thinking, the design of the page is rather schematic, definitely unbefitting of the Braniac Dating concept. But if you really care more about meeting a special girl than seeing a special design, this service, with its highly interactive environment and precise search algorithm, is a great place to start from.