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The older we get the lonelier we feel. In their thirties, most men start thinking about family and actively looking for that special lady they would like to share their life with. However, finding the right person isn’t always that easy. Lack of time, limited opportunities, mere shyness – all these factors prevent a number of guys even from approaching a woman, let alone bond with her. If you’re tired of waking up alone, if you miss romance and love, if the sight of happy ...
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Has anyone of you ever NOT wondered if you really have chemistry with your boyfriend or girlfriend or is it just your curiosity and strong desire to fall in love? Pretty much everyone feels strong attraction to a person he is dating during first few weeks of relationship but is it enough in a long run? How do you know if this is the person you are meant to be with or are you simply being controlled by your passion and primal instincts? If you have ever asked yourself one of these que...
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Online dating is becoming more and more popular every day. While there are many happy couples who have found each other on a dating site, there are also some unlucky ones who have been deceived and played. Some of you may have already had to deal with it. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes to a dating site has true intentions. Quite a few men and girls who participate in online dating are already married, but since their wives and husbands bore them, they decide to flirt with others onlin...
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