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Widget - my personal list

A widget is an option that helps you to add girls with whom you have constant communication.


There is a limitation for girls' amount in the lists of different groups:

  • Member - 6
  • Bronze-11
  • Silver-15
  • Gold, Platinum, Diamond-20

If you want to change your group, you must click a green arrow (see picture 1) in the widget that will help you to choose a credit package.

If you want to add some girl in your list, you must drag the avatar of the girl with the help of the left mouse button and afterward, widget will automatically open. Then drag girl's avatar in the section of picture number in the widget's area. There is a blinking icon on the girl's avatar in the widget section. The icon may be green or yellow.

  • The green icon shows that the girl is online.
  • The yellow icon shows that the girl switched on her camera.

If you want to delete some girl from your list, you must drag her avatar with the help of the left mouse button directly into the recycle bin (see picture 2).