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Ukrainian woman Daria Luhansk.

They say a real woman must be a mystery. And that’s exactly about ukrainian woman Daria, Luhansk. This gracious ravenhead with a great sense of style and refined manners knows how to win a man’s heart. Daria is an artistic person with a creative set of mind. She works as a hair stylist and is crazy about her job. Combining art and beauty is the most exciting occupation she could ever dreamed of, she says.

Daria is also very much into fashion and interior design. She adores everything beautiful and exquisite and has a big collection of decorative souvenirs that caught her eye at a flee market or jewelry shop. In love with silk sheets, scented candles and feng shui accessories, Daria knows how to create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

She is a romantic, sensitive type with rich spirituality. Daria adores the sight of the night sky full of stars and says that each star is a piece of her soul. Enigmatic and imaginative, she is inspired by spectacular sunsets, the wash of the waves and full moon. An ideal date for her is a late picnic at the sea shore or a quiet walk down an empty coast hand in hand with her second half. Like all Pisces, she is fascinated with water and dreams of living near the ocean.

In her mid-twenties, Daria already had an unhappy experience of family life. She was married and thought she found her one and only, but it didn’t work out. Now, as a divorced woman with a child, she understands how important it is to reach compromises and set common goals. She realized her mistakes and is ready to start with a clean slate. For the man of her dream, she’ll try to be the wisest, most caring and devoted wife.

More than anything else in the world, Daria loves her little one. It’s highly important for her to find a man that can love her kid like his own. She doesn’t mind dating a man who has children of his own and combine their families into one big happy union. Under favorable circumstances, she is also willing to have a second child.

An ideal man for Daria is kind, considerate and sensitive. He is full of romance and loves the things she does. With him, she feels comfortable and relaxed. They can talk four hours about anything in the world or just spend time together in silence as their souls communicate in their own astral language. Like every woman, Daria dreams of a strong, steady man she can rely on in all questions. And she herself promises to make a reliable, supportive and faithful partner for him.

If you feel this girl may be right for you, contact Daria, Luhansk with a private message or in a chat. We hope she is the one you’re looking for!