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First Date with a Ukrainian Lady

[Updated: May, 2020] A first date is always an unforgettable experience. It can be challenging, funny, perfect, or awful. In any case, you will remember your first date with a Ukrainian lady for a long time.

You may have come across some information describing the behavior of Ukrainian girls on the first date. For instance, you may have heard that they will spend weeks eating and drinking nothing before that occasion. Just to check how generous you are. Or that you should be a qualified entertainer to impress her. These are stereotypes and rumors spread about Ukrainian women. Most of them have nothing to do with reality.

Thus, there arises the question of what to expect from your fiancée? Let us consider a typical behavior of Ukrainian women during the dates. Hope this information will help you get ready for your first date with a Ukrainian lady. 

Types of Ukrainian Girls on a Date

She won’t force you to spend a fortune

Do you believe that women are waiting for your money, not for you? You will be disappointed. Of course, your lady wouldn’t mind if you pay the bill at the restaurant. However, it doesn’t mean that she will order the most expensive meals. She won’t investigate whether you are eager to spend all your money on her whims. Moreover, she may even offer to pay for her food. Still, it is unwise to let her do this. In Ukrainian culture, men always pay the dating bills. As you have come to this country, it’s advisable to respect this tradition.

The First Date with a Ukrainian Lady is not a Royal Ceremony

Of course, Ukrainian women pay a lot of attention to their appearance. And during your first date, your lady will look gorgeous, wearing a stunning makeup and looking breathtaking. Still, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear a business suit to meet her requirements. Especially if you have never worn it and it’s not your type of clothing. Choose clothes that are comfortable for you. This is the first meeting you are together. So, it will be foolish to think all the time about a tight tie that prevents you from breathing. 

She won’t test how smart you are

You surely know that Ukrainian women are intelligent. However, don’t be afraid of this fact. The first date is not a quiz show to check how much you know about Ukrainian or world culture. 

Of course, she will ask questions and you’d better answer them. It may be interesting for her to know your impressions about Ukraine. Especially if this is your first visit. She may also ask you to tell her more about the place where you live. Such usual questions let you feel relaxed and enjoy the time.

Another important aspects are jokes. Believe it or not, jokes in Ukraine as well as Russia differ a lot from what you are used to. That is why do not freak out when she does not understand your jokes first (more surprising facts here).

Party Entertainer or Not?

Have you booked a romantic hot air balloon ride? Are you ready to invite her to bungee jumping? In fact, the first date is not the best time for such experiments. It’s better to find a more appropriate occasion for them. Even if your lady is a party queen, she will prefer a quiet place for your first day together. Moreover, she may help you choose a proper place to go. 

Usually, you meet her in her native city. Thus, she certainly knows good places to spend time. What is more, your fiancée will advise you what meals and drinks to order to taste the best options. That is why you should not worry that you will be a party entertainer on the first date. Don’t spend sleepless nights trying to figure out where to go with your lady. Let her offer you something or show you around. 

The First Date with a Ukrainian Lady: Success of Failure?

There is one point you should pay your attention to. Ukrainian girls are very emotional and sentimental. They are passionate about a variety of things. They may easily fly into a temper and won’t hide their emotions in this case. If you quarrel, it may be the brightest scene you have ever seen in your life.

However, you will never guess on the first date whether you have impressed her or not. When you meet her for the first time, your lady is usually tactful. Of course, she pays attention to your manners. It is important for her to observe how you talk to waiters at the restaurant. If something goes not the way she likes, she will simply smile. It will be impossible to conclude whether she wants to meet you again or not. That is why don’t be nervous and enjoy your time together. It is the best piece of advice to follow.

Thus, this is the main information you should know before your first date with a Ukrainian lady. It is difficult to predict how everything will go. It is not even necessary to do. Both of you have been waiting for a long time to meet each other in real life. Just cherish an opportunity to be together. Time will show what the future holds.