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5 Surprising facts about Russian women

5 Facts You Never Heard About Russian Women

In this post, we are going to tell you 5 surprising facts about Russian women. But before we get started, let's think about what you already know about Russia in general. What do you know about the Russian people? Where do you get all the information from? Can you make up a complete image of an average Russian woman only on the basis of other people’s words? What if these people have never been to Russia and have never communicated with residents? So, here are our honest and yet surprising facts about Russian women.

Facts about Russian Women

Fact 1: Rural lifestyle is very difficult

Russian women from little villages have nothing to do with those from big cities. The difference is so great that you will admire this difference with excitement. If you stay in a Russian village at least for a week, you will never forget this experience. An ordinary woman wakes up very early, she does not wear makeup or expensive clothes. Every family has a great garden and domestic animals. She takes care of everything and everyone. Men usually do not do anything, so Russian women have to be strong mentally and physically to manage the household.

Fact 2: City girls are very ambitious 

City Russian women are busy working and building a career. It is an obsolete myth that these pretty creatures dream of doing after marrying a rich husband. You are likely to meet as many business-oriented females in Russia as in other European countries. The only difference is that Russian women treat their lovers, husbands and male friends the same way they did ten or twenty years ago. So an average woman works long hours, and then comes home to cook dinner and clean the apartment.

Fact 3: Natural beauty and charm?

There is another important topic that we need to cover, i.e. makeup and single girls from Russia and other post Soviet countries. There is a strong belief that Russian women love bright makeup. Yes, partly it is true. We all know that Russian women know how to impress and win attention wherever they go. It is true, but it would be better to ruin one myth about clothing and cosmetics. Females need neither bright makeup, nor expensive outfits to look brilliant. You will admire girls wearing jeans and t-shirts in the same way as girls wearing old dirty clothing after hard work in the garden. Their eyes can tell you more than any jewelry or haircut. Hair and skin express purity and innocence at any age. Their blood contains some specific elements that provide such a breathtaking impression on me and other men around the world.

Fact 4: Specific sense of humor

You are likely to see a Russian cutie smiling or laughing at strange jokes or stories that are not funny for you. At the same time, they have a poker face when hearing the funniest joke you have ever heard. Russian humor is very specific, as any culturally determined phenomenon. Jokes come from everyday situations a person faces during life. If a girl lives in Russia and does not travel abroad, she is likely to not laugh at your jokes. After she stays at your place for a few months, she will surely share your emotions about funny stories.

Fact 5: The English language

Do Russian brides speak English well? How are you going to communicate with your future wife? It is surprising but you can easily meet English speaking ladies. Be ready to hear the very nice pronunciation and proper grammar use. All Russian girls study English at school to leave the country. A dream of almost all women in Russia is to move to another country to start a new life with a new job and proper living conditions. However, the level of English depends on how wealthy a girl’s family is. The wealthier the family is, the more money they can spend on a girl’s education, the better English she will speak in the future.

Can you add more facts about Russian women to this list?

These are only the main facts that probably you have never heard about Russian women. You can visit the country before marriage to discover something interesting. As this country is huge, you can be sure you will discover brand new facts about females every time you come. Every district has its peculiarities and every group of people possesses some unique manners and habits. You will be looking forward to visiting Russia one more time to experience the most pleasant communication with Russian women from every part of a great country.