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This is the first article in our new series devoted to girls online from Bridge of Love website. Every other week our editor will contact a dozen of beautiful ladies online to learn more about their everyday life. In this article, we present the most gorgeous members of our Bridge of Love website who allowed us to shed light on their quarantine routine.  So, in this post, you will get to know what Ukrainian girls online are doing:  when their friends want their honest opinion...
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One can find thousands of web sites that advertise attractive foreign mail order brides. Is it possible that all these women cannot find love in real life? They are so beautiful to be single and lonely. Or it is just a scam for naive Americans? These are the questions that plenty of Americans ask when visiting international dating web sites. Most of them cannot believe that being so beautiful and lovely Russian and also Ukrainian women cannot find real love in life. Nevertheless, it is tr...
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Russian and Ukrainian women are open to new cultures and are eager to learn foreign languages. Most Russian women learn languages at school and then at university. There is a great number of foreign language courses which are quite affordable. An online dating web site is also one of the ways of getting to know new people and their traditions, which most Russian brides use. Even though most dating web sites have free translation tools, the majority of English- speaking men prefer to...
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What is so different about Russian women and what makes men from all over the world spend their time and money searching for Russian wives? We will try to answer these questions briefly. The general common opinion about Russian ladies and Russian bride experience often says that these women are kinder mothers, better household organizers, more attentive wives, and passionate lovers compared to women of other nationalities. Speaking about Russian wives' experience, it’s also good to...
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Most of men all over the world know that in Ukraine live the most beautiful girl in the world, some of them even don’t know where this country is situated, don’t know nothing about the culture and people, but exactly know that ukranian brides are very desirable and demanded among foreigners. But why Ukranian girls, why not an Asian or Latin? There is no clear answer, but most of foreigners that married on Ukranian girls said that the wife from this country can do a lot of things th...
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