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Could I ever imagined?

Could I ever imagine that I would meet a real, strong and passionate love in my 64? If someone told me about it 2 years ago ­ I never would have believed it!

I lived my ordinary life ­ worked, cared for my house, led a small but strong business. My wife and I split up a long time ago, the children have grown up and scattered all over the world. Life returned its usual way ­ a calm and unrushed. I spent my free time with my friends. Beer, baseball, barbecue ­ the usual male entertainment.

Who first told me about the site "Bridge­of­"? Now I do not remember. I remember that about two years ago, many of my friends have registered there and enjoyed chatting with young and pretty Slavic girls. In the opinion of my friends, the site was quite decent and interesting. My friends were surprised that a lot of beautiful girls with bright and well­groomed appearance registered on this site. Girls are not only looking for love and want to immediately get to the crown. They are willing just to have fun with our men ­ to chat, tell us about yourself, interested in our affairs. Many girls have become an outlet for my harsh­looking buddies . According to the stories of friends, most girls are soft and emotional, lively­minded and a greatly appealing to farm life and home comfort.

To be honest ­ my friends intrigued me. Long ago I lost faith in the sincerity and unselfish feelings, much less dream to meet either love or marriage. But I wanted women's attention and simple closeness.

I registered my profile and for a long time kept an eye on the girls who are on the site. My first impression was that all the girls, at least, came from the beauty contest. I even hesitate to write them first – I had deep doubts about if someone will pay attention to me. But the girls began to write me first. Initially, it was short messages such as: "Hello! How are you doing? "But I could not say anything, except that" It's all right. " And then could not find the girl who wrote to me. A little later I started getting emails from the site, which were presentations of new girls and short letters from the girls about themselves. I began to read letters and my heart slowly began to thaw. I have become accustomed to the dazzling sight of beauties on the site. They ceased to be unreal and I had a desire to write back some girls. A few months I enjoyed socializing with beautiful, sensual and interesting girls. Mastered communication online ­ spoke mainly in the videochat. It's easier to watch a girl ­ it's very interesting to find out where she lives, works, how she dresses in everyday life. I became closer with some girls ­ even saw their children and pets. But my favorite Natalia I met much later, only after several months of communication online. She is very modest girl with a dazzling smile and she also had a cute nine­year boy – her son Vitaly. They melted my heart. After being surrounded by strong American girls I didn't think that in 36 years a person can be a sincere and upright! Her warm heart and caring character was directly felt across thousands of miles that separate us. So after several months of communicating I got her contact information already to hear Natalia's voice and to arrange a meeting. The first time I came to Ukraine in October 2014. The big surprise for me was that Natalia and Vitaly met me at the Odessa airport. We were together for 2 weeks and realized that we hear and feel each other. I really did not want to fly back to Madison. Just the thought of you soon warmed me. The new, 2015, year, we agreed to meet together. Unfortunately, during The New Year, we were not destined to meet together – the weather was non­flying. But on January, 3rd I was in Odessa, with my beloved and my future family. Over the next 2 weeks Natalya and me realized that we are two halfs of a whole, and that we never want to leave! Therefore, we immediately decided to order passports for Natalia and Vitalik. Unfortunately, passports are made a long time, and the work of Natalia and study of Vitaly made us move our reunion and moving to Madison, in my home. Therefore, we have decided that we will play a wedding in summer, but during spring break my future wife and son will come to visit me. I already know that I'll show my favorite state to my favorite people ­ I'll take them to admire the beauty of the park "Copper Falls" with its waterfalls, also a lake in the park "Devil's Lake" to admire the picturesque lake, bizarre rock formations and dense forest!

Now I believe that through thousands of kilometers through the Internet you can find your love!