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Are Russian ladies the best women to be in the world?

Everything changes, nothing stays the same: except of Russian ladies being the most popular search phrase for beautiful women from abroad. The phenomenon of Slavic women being extremely popular compared to any other nation has been there forever indeed. First of all, let’s go back to the basics of history and geography trying to explain why Russian beauty is unexceptionally recognized in every part of the world from Americas to Australia.

The most beautful russian ladies

One fact we know without any doubt is that Russia stands for the biggest country in the world. Being such a huge land, Russia is a home for many nationalities. Historically it has been balancing between war and peace with numerous neighbours, and every other nation who tried to conquer Russia ended up leaving a small part of their genes.

It’s been a while ago since scientists have proved that a bigger variety of very different genes helps to eliminate genetical health problems and contributes to “the beauty” of the nation.

Second fact to mention when looking at Russian history is to compare medieval time in Russia and Europe. Whereas Europe put their beautiful women through some tough time by considering many natural beauties to be witches and burning them alive, Russia was solving its political and geographical problems by other means. Were Russian ladies in waiting already to take their revenge for the rest of females in Europe and become world known for both brain and beauty? Who knows indeed?

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Traveling further in old years and looking at USSR times, you can’t be mistaken saying that Russians were not spoiled even then. During the cold war ladies of Russia had little or no access to modern American and European standards of beauty and attitude. Instead they were left straggling to survive on a limited budget and appreciation by their men. Russian women developed a level of obedience, gentleness and devoted care for their children and men. However, times were to change when the iron curtain was about to collapse, and foreign men traveling to Russia for business or tourism often brought back home news about Russian ladies looking for love.

Finally, moving into the modern times, who are Russian ladies dating now? Are they likely to say yes to man from abroad, and are they worth catching a plane and visiting cold Siberia?

Russian women nowadays still remain intelligent, good-looking and caring as a general rule. However, there is a strong tendency to learn and copy from western countries among Russians. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes probably not. Looking at big cities such as Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, you will often see very independent and even feministic women. They value their time, know how to count money and ask for more than a star from the sky from a man. Women in less developed regions haven’t changed too much and have mostly retained old qualities. They are, nevertheless, as a rule well educated often speak some level of English.

Answering our question, you won’t know if Russian women are “the best” until you meet them, get to know and, what’s more important, take your time to understand them. One way or another, they are still leading as “the most beautiful women” at least on the Internet.