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Anti scam-policy

Bridge-of-love anti-scam department

Bridge-of-love is a website that gives much attention to Anti-scam policy. Such attention is not an accident. We have heard a lot about many cases of scam and fraud in the field of online dating. The trouble is that some people think that dating is an easy way for them to earn money.

We are proud that our website Bridge-of-love is a brand, a brand of high quality, and we try to keep it. We created an Anti-scam policy Department to protect our customers from scams when using our website. The trust of our customers is of vital importance for us.

Our web site "Bridge-of-love" cooperates with local dating agencies. They usually play the role of mediator. Women who are looking for relationship first come to their offices. Those women who proved to be in search of a long-term meaningful relationship and are not afraid of distance and foreign-language speakers are recommended to sign up for Bridge-of-love. However, their firm intention and local agency references are not enough for a woman to become a member of our website. The fact is that female members of "Bridge-of-love.com enjoy a considerable benefit of using our website for free. However they must undergo some tests which confirm their good intentions.

It is not a scam ...
  • If on any level of your communication, the member decides to stop developing your relationship.
  • II If the client changed his profile activity status on the website.
  • III If the client's profile is active very often or conversely a long time not online.
  • IV If a member wears rings on their fingers. Wearing rings does not mean a person is married, regardless of which finger it is on.
  • V If a member doesn’t answer all questions in an email.
  • VI If a member has photos of relatives, friends, ex-partners and other personal info posted on any social network.
  • VII If a photo and information about the client is used for negative replies on other websites. The exception is websites that have a license for doing anti-scam business.
Ladies who want to become members of our website undergo such tests:
  1. 1. First of all, all the information informs and profiles are thoroughly checked. Our Anti-scam department verifies all the data a lady has been provided us with. Usually, we call a lady and ask her some questions from the questionnaire. As far as we are concerned there are cases when a local agency can fill in our form instead of a woman, or just creates false profiles of women. We need to bar them from deceiving us and our male clients.
  2. 2. It sometimes happens that a profile of a lady is used by other women or even men to swindle our members out of their money. We are trying to check up women by calling them and asking questions that can prove that she is the very person who does certain activities on the site.
  3. 3. Besides we have regular Skype check-ups, which give us the possibility to see and communicate with all our female members.
  4. 4. If you question your lady's honesty, first of all, make sure it is the very woman whose profile you have chosen. The first thing you can do is to ask her to turn on her webcam to see her. If for a long time, she refuses to do this and is trying to omit to answer the direct question and sidesteps the question very neatly, then you have the right reason to write to our Anti-scam department, and we will carry out a careful investigation of the case.
We would like to give you a couple of tips on how to avoid scammers:
  1. 1. First of all, do not send your lady any money. Do you ask why?! It is well known that all the women are crazy about shopping and some of them are real spendthrifts. When a woman gets the money, she may spend money on clothing or cosmetics. Do not pander to their passion for wasting money.
  2. 2. Do not think that you are in love after 1 or 2 months of communication with a woman. Moreover do not conclude that your love is mutual, even if a woman says so. Of course, you can see your girl-friend in a video chat, reveal your thoughts in writing and talk to her in the usual chat. You have every reason to believe that you know her thoughts and behavior. Yet you cannot realize what her real feelings are and real nature is. The only possible way to find out whether you are not mistaken is to meet your beloved woman in real life. In order not to be deceived, we advise you to use our service. We can organize your traveling to our country and your dates or help your lady to come to your country. It is vital to spend real time with your girl-friend ( let it be at least a week) to understand whether you need each other or not.
  3. 3. Another thing that can make your love search easier and help to avoid scammers is the assistance of a professional interpreter. Why do you need a third party? It's simple. When you communicate with a woman, you think that she 100% understands your intentions, but you are mistaken. Our girls are usually taught English at school, some of them continue to learn it at the university. So they think they speak English very well. But they do not have enough practice to improve their speaking skills. Some of the women, who are our members, have only Basic English with a vocabulary of 100 words. Some ladies have difficulty in translating your letters, so they use the electronic translator to understand your message. Still, even modern electronic translators are not able to convey your thoughts properly. The way out is an additional language training for such women. Unfortunately, not all of our members can take courses. We do not think that it must prevent them from finding a decent partner from abroad if they want so. However, we must help all our customers. That is why we hire a few professional interpreters who can come to help when any of our members are in need. We encourage you to use the help of our interpreters on a romantic tour to avoid misunderstandings with your beloved woman and with other people in a foreign country. Besides our interpreter is a person we are responsible for. If any problems arise, you may file a complaint about them. In case you decide to meet your girl-friend without our aid, remember, you do it at your own risk.
  4. 4. You want to make sure that a beautiful lady you see in the picture and the one you talk to in the chat are the same people. The best way to find it out is to invite her to video chat as often as possible. Usually, scammers use stolen photos of women and deceive men on behalf of a woman. In case you ask them for more new pictures, they will have nowhere to take them. To avoid tricks ask your lady to send you as many photos of her as possible. Yet the problem is that many decent ladies whose photos have been stolen and used to swindle men out of their money are on the blacklist of scammers, though they are victims themselves and they do not even realize it.
  5. 5. Some dishonest women may conceal their marital status. They are unfaithful to their husbands and can scarcely be loyal partners for you in the future. Remember: the leopard cannot change its spots. We would recommend avoiding such women. Besides a woman may hide her being married because she is a scammer and she wants to deceive you. Large dating websites such as Bridge-of-love, which value their reputation, check out women's passport to make certain that they are single. Only single women can become our members. Besides we make copies of her passport to have a confirmation of her being single, being of age and being real. We are sure that all our members are not fakes.
  6. 6. Moreover, such big websites as the Bridge-of-love take responsibility for the delivery of gifts, message translation, organizing country tours, providing our clients with a car and even with apartments when they visit our country. All these features are optional. Yet we recommend our clients to use these high-quality services we provide, as it is convenient and easy. Bridge-of-love is 100% quality. If you want not to be deceived on your trip, use our services.

It is definitely should be mentioned that women can fall victim to fraud as well as men can, and unfortunately such situations can have graver consequences. There are several cases of crime against women:

Some women acquire personal fortune or own an apartment, jewelry, car, etc. Such women can fall prey to gigolos and crooks who put the lug on them. There are cases when a woman who is madly in love with such sort of a guy is convinced to sell everything she has and moves abroad to marry her beloved man. There she is cheated or robbed. Anyway, she can kiss her money goodbye.

Sexual slavery is one of the biggest dangers facing women who venture to visit a foreign country. Some women come to foreign countries and do not know the laws of this country, do not speak its language, relying only on their beloved person. Very often women are taken against their will, they are abused and raped. As a sign of understanding of the problem, in March 2006 the U.S. government passed a special law, "International Regulation Matchmaker", prohibiting U.S. citizens to exchange information contacts with foreign ladies. There are many websites on the internet where the blacklists of women-scammers are listed. They are suspected of cheating money out of men. Defrauded men post photos of untruthful women and filed complaints against them. Some of those lists are trustworthy, yet it sometimes happens that vindictive men are trying to take their revenge on the women who have turned them down or broken up with them. Some men even pay such anti-scam websites to have the data of a woman published on a blacklist. The situation is such that you never know who is trustworthy.

Many dating websites have made many efforts to protect both parties from fraud. They carry out different careful checks, including passport and validity checks. But all this is not enough for a man and a woman to create a strong relationship. None of the websites can give you a 100% guarantee that you will be a perfect match with each other. Any relation whether online or real can end both in happy marriage or failure and break up. No one can feel secured against bad habits, ill-nature and rude behavior of their partner. Still, it is of vital importance for our website to make our members feel secure against any crimes and especially fraud. That is why it was necessary to create an anti-scam department. This decision was welcomed by many of our customers, moreover, it won their complete trust. Much has been said about fraud and crooks. None want to be a victim of them, yet everyone can occasionally meet them in the world net. The aim and duty of our department are to safeguard our consumers' interests against any troubles connected with scammers. Many customers have found their happiness, and yet not one of them complained.

Moreover, we can guarantee that in case you fall a victim to fraud on our website, you will be compensated or paid back the number of credits you spent on communication with a woman who proved to be a scammer. Only if the fact that the lady is a scammer could be proved and checked However we are almost sure that such cases are exceptionally rare on Bridge-of-love, because our anti-scam department stands guard over the security of our members. It is of great importance for us that you can find your soul mate, your happiness and love through Bridge-of-love.

We do our best to make your search efficient easy and safe.