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Why are Ukrainian Women So Beautiful?

Why are Ukrainian Women So Beautiful?

Ukrainian women are famous for many qualities – they can be loyal and tender lovers, caring wives and mothers, and wonderful homemakers. But the first quality that men usually pay attention to is their sheer beauty. It is not just a stereotype – it is the fact reinforced by plenty of men. Those men, who have been to various cities of Ukraine, can easily confirm that in average Ukrainian ladies are much prettier than women from other countries. All these qualities make men from all over the world seek for opportunities to meet lovely Ukrainian ladies.

First, it may be difficult to understand the real reasons that make Ukrainian women so beautiful and desired, but putting all pieces together, gives quite reasonable explanation to this phenomenon.

Healthy lifestyle

Most Ukrainian ladies lead rather active lifestyle and pay great attention to eating habits. Even though Ukrainian women like going to restaurants, most meals are made at home from fresh products.

Apart from the fact that women in Ukraine are not fat, majority of women attend sport gyms and participate in various sports activities such as marathons. In addition to that, they walk a lot. Proper eating habits and active lifestyle is women’s secret key to being slim and slander

Good genes

Scientists established that Slavic women have thicker skin which is the reason why wrinkles appear much later. Moreover, in western countries photoaging is a widely spread problem because people are more influenced by the sun, while in Ukraine people do not get so much sun.

In addition to that, it is believed that faces of Slavic women are more symmetrical, having high cheekbones and balanced, beautiful features.

Good clothing choice

Another apparent reason why Ukrainian women are so attractive is that they make themselves beautiful and attractive be means of good clothes and make up. Fashion greatly helps them in this respect. While most western women prefer casual clothes to skirts, dresses and especially high heels, Ukrainian women know that this is their secret weapon – men like women who wear high heels. Even though sometimes it is really hard to wear them, it is worth it. The right clothes and make up make Ukrainian women feminine – the quality that a great number of western women have lost.

Shopping is one of the hobbies of women in Ukraine. They spend enough time choosing the right clothes – clothes that will make them look astonishing and breathtaking. If they can afford, they also visit various spa salons.


Colours also plays important role in making women look good. Most Ukrainian women prefer colourful and bright clothes which stand them out from the rest of the crowd. It is worth noting that finding bright clothes is a real challenge as most clothing lines are made in pastel colour palette.


Legends and folk stories are also used to explain sheer beauty of Slavic women. There is a legend that suggests that Russian Empress Catherine II wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the country, and in order to get rid of competitors, she banished all beautiful women to far away areas of the country. However, there is no proof to back up this legend. Another legend suggests that there are so many attractive women because inquisition did not come to Ukraine. During inquisition times people believed that beautiful girls were witches, and burnt them or sent to the bottom of a river.

Even though there is no solid evidence that the above mentioned reasons are the real reasons of Ukrainian beauty, without any doubts Ukrainian ladies are some of the most beautiful women in the world.