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Thomas and Marina

We met with Thomas near the famous Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater on April 8 at 4 PM. The interpreter accompanied us. After friendly greeting, Thomas made a present of a small bottle of perfume to Marina. Everyone was very happy to meet. We took a walk through the beautiful downtown area, talking about how the flight was, whether everything was fine, and so on.

During the walk, we began to slowly show Thomas the local attractions, recreation places, nice and cozy cafes, and shopping centers. After the walk, we had supper at the restaurant. During supper, we talked a lot on various topics, namely about common interests, values, family, work, and hobbies. After supper, we thanked for a very pleasant and interesting meeting, agreed to meet the next day, called everyone a taxi, and went home. The next afternoon, we met at the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater again and took some photos there, next to the fountains. Thomas liked the awesome view from that place, and we recommended him if possible to visit the Opera Theater as it is very beautiful not only from outside, but also from inside. We took a walk through the downtown, talked about the art and beautiful sunny weather, and ordered a tour of the most interesting attractions in downtown for Thomas.

There was a very good tour guide, who provided a lot of interesting information about our city to Thomas. During the tour, we often stopped near the attractions and took photos. During that tour, we visited such places as the Odessa Passage, the Primorsky Boulevard, the Colonnade, the Duma Square, the Duke de Richelieu monument, the Potemkin Stairs, the narrowest house in Odessa, and many others. Once the tour has finished, we had dinner. During dinner, we had a fascinating conversation on various topics. After dinner, we went for a walk with Thomas at the Odessa Marine Station where the wedding fair was held at that time. There were many beautiful cars, and that was interesting for Thomas. We took photos, went down to yachts, took a walk, and climbed up the famous stairs in Odessa.

During the walk, we told Thomas about the history of Odessa and the history of the places and monuments we were passing by. We laughed a lot and took photos. Thomas was obviously very pleased with the meeting. After the walk, we accompanied Thomas to his hotel and made arrangements for a meeting the next day. On Sunday afternoon, we met at his hotel Nemo (it is located in a wonderful place right on the seashore). Thomas gave Marina tea as a gift. We took a walk with Thomas by the sea talking and enjoying the weather and came to the famous Odessa health road. Thomas saw many people going in for sports there. He was pleasantly surprised that so many people in Odessa like to go in for sports and are in good shape thanks to that. We walked alone with nature for a long time and took photos of beautiful landscapes. Walking along the health road, we got to Arcadia which is one of the most popular entertainment spots in Odessa. We showed him Arcadia, listened to live music on the streets, took photos, and talked. It began to rain. We decided to wait out the rain and went into a cafe to eat. We finished our meal, but it was still raining. That is why Thomas offered to go to the restaurant which is located on the 6th floor of his hotel and has a beautiful panoramic view. We went to that restaurant where we talked.

Marina and Thomas drank Mojito enjoying a wonderful panoramic view from the window of the restaurant and got on very well. The meeting came to the end; and for Marina, it was very hard to say goodbye to Thomas because she felt very good with him and got used to that gorgeous man. We agreed to maintain communication on the website and surely meet again in Odessa in the summer. Marina will take a vacation, and they will spend an unforgettable summer holiday together in Odessa. Thomas saw us off; we said goodbye to each other and agreed to surely meet the next summer.