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Russian Dating Dressing Standards: Tips on How to Impress a Russian Woman

Russian Dating Dressing Standards: Tips on How to Impress a Russian Woman

When going out on a date with a Russian woman, remember about standards of dressing. So the theater requires a specific style of dressing and the nightclub requires you to be dressed quite differently. In other words, your outfit must suit the environment. The only general rule is cleanliness and neatness of the clothes. Russian women have a well-developed sense of style, so they can assess your appearance and make appropriate conclusions within the blink of an eye.

If you are spiritually rich nature, you are always interesting and fun, you are soul of the company and a tireless optimist, she will not appreciate it all. Your Russian girlfriend cannot have time to see it all during one date. She does not want to see you wearing sneakers, jeans, brown and green knitted sweater on the first date. The verdict will be handed to you after 10 seconds and it will be almost impossible to change it.

How to dress up for a date?

Clothing plays the same role for women as the packaging for the product. However, a beautiful box tied with a red ribbon may contain completely unnecessary and useless thing as well as a white shirt, ironed pants and a tie may hide stupidity, ignorance and poverty. But the main task you should set before choosing the right clothes to attract attention and make impression.

The most common meeting place is an inexpensive cafe. You'll look ridiculous in an expensive suit of a known brand. It is better to wear dark jeans and a light sweater. Particular attention should be given to shoes. Do not wear heavy boots or sneakers. In general, going on a date, exclude sportswear. Regardless the price, the shoes must be clean, so it is useful to carry a sponge for shoes.

Footwear is the second face of a man and a woman pay much more attention to it than we think. If you want to spend a date in a posh restaurant, the outfit should be strict. Here you should choose an expensive suit, a tie and shirt with starched collar. However, if you rarely wear such clothes, then I advise in advance to rehearse a bit. Try on a suit, walk in it around the house and sit at the table to eat. This will ensure that you will feel more confident and not nervous permanently due to lack of habit of wearing such clothes on a date.

Why do you need Weather Forecast?

Going to the cinema, follow the same rules about the clothing for cafes. It should also be noted that it can be cool, so a light jacket or windbreaker will not be superfluous. In general, try to dress according to the local weather. Shorts and flip-flops in late autumn will look as ridiculous as the woolen socks in thirty-degree heat.

If your date is scheduled in the open air, it is not superfluous to know the weather forecast and, if necessary, take an umbrella with you. In my opinion, an umbrella is the only accessory of clothing that does not spoil the appearance of the man. Purses were popular in the recent past, today they no longer look solid. Huge rings and thick gold chains are also better to remove, unless your girlfriend wears the same jewelry.

What about Color and Aroma?

When going on a date, you do not need to dress like a peacock trying to fit all the colors and shades of the rainbow. Dark must be combined with black. If your clothes have bright colors, it is desirable that they should be repeated at least twice. So, bright handkerchief peeking out of your pocket of a dark jacket will be a perfect accompaniment to the white shirt.

You should smell nice. It is not necessary to pour the half of cologne bottle. And finally, the clothes should be of your size. No seaming trousers and sleeves are not allowed. In the suit or jeans, shirt or jersey you have to feel as comfortable and confident. In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the socks and underwear. They are things of daily change. In addition, socks and underwear should not have holes, because who knows how your date will end.