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Lovemaking Different Heights

Most of the men and women try to find a sexual partner whose height would not make them feel uncomfortable. However, sometimes you just cannot resist the temptation, and you feel extremely attracted to a person who is much shorter or, on the contrary, much taller than you are. That’s when you have to get creative and use all your imagination. You will be surprised by how many people start to wonder about the sexual aspect of a relationship when they see a short girl and a tall man. If they are friends of the couple, they even ask such questions as, How do you do it in bed? Fortunately for couples with different heights, lovemaking and kiss positions vary so much, everyone can find something for himself.

First of all, you need to know a few positions that you and your partner must avoid at all costs if your height difference is significant. You should never try to make love to taller or shorter beautiful girls while standing at the wall. If your female sexual partner is taller than you, you might not be able to penetrate her fully, and if you are taller, you would have to kneel. Sex in this position just won’t bring you any fun. Same goes for sex in the shower, a few good reasons to avoid that location are mentioned above.

Now you might say that there is a position which is good for all times and every situation, and that is sweet old missionary position. Yes, it is not the worst position for partners of different heights, however, if you really want to bring pleasure to your woman and prefer soft and gentle love-making, you will need to kiss and caress her. If you are shorter or taller than her, your faces will be at different levels which will significantly complicate your ability to show off your tender side.

So, what are the best positions for you two? One of them is the one you would probably use anyway. Your girl should be on top of you. Let her ride you both to the peak of pleasure. No one will experience any discomfort in this position, and neither height nor weight will matter. You might also want to sit up and hold her closer while you caress her breast and help her move her thighs. It will bring even more intimacy into your love-making.

Doing it as spoons is a nice choice as well. It is also great for morning sex when you are not really up to any kisses and hugs. Enter her from behind and move until you both experience a nice sweet feeling of pleasure. In this position you can be much taller or shorter than your girl but the sweet thing is it does not matter.

Not every girl feels comfortable being taken from behind but you will be surprised by how many women experience their biggest orgasms while standing on their fours. Your difference in heights means you will have to be more inventive in this position and either put some pillows under your girl’s knees or do the same for yourself if she is the taller one.

As you can see, such little thing as height difference should not stop you from having the best sex in your life. As long as you do not let this thing bother you, you and your partner will find many ways to please and satisfy each other every single day.