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How to Be the Confident, Optimistic Man Russian Women Want

How to Be the Confident, Optimistic Man Russian Women Want

Optimistic and positive people always attract with special energy that they produce. Russian women are not the exception – they also prefer confident, enthusiastic and creative men. This is something a Russian bride will definitely pay attention to before deciding whether she wants to get into serious relations with you. So if a you are in a search of a Russian bride take it as a must – you need to be a positive man.


You can start with your profile photo. Do not hesitate to upload a photo where you are smiling. Let her know that you can meet all the obstacles and problems with smile. Make her feel warm and content just by looking at your charming smile. It is the easiest way to attract a Russian woman as most men in Russia are not smiling as often as men from other countries. They excuse themselves explaining that it is because of the pressure they feel working hard. This is where you can stand out from Russian men. Do not be afraid to smile and express your positive emotions during video calls.

Be positive and do not complain

Stay positive and do not try to “impress” a Russian or Ukrainian girl by telling her everything about your previous sad experiences or hard life. This is not something she wants to know about you in the first place. She will get an impression of a depressing and insecure guy. Even if you want to share your problems with her, put emphasize not on your problems but more on the manner with which you are going to solve them – with positive.

Avoid negative and depressing topics for discussion

If you want to make a positive impression, do not start your communication with negative or depressing topics like wars, recession, health problems and so on. At least, do not discuss them in the first 5-10 e-mails. Get to know a lady better before sharing with her anything like that.

Do not blame or accuse

I you have had really-really sad experience with online dating or dating a Russian or Ukrainian girl, do not blame her because it has nothing to do with her. Do not complain about the spending too much money on you previous girl or even paid dating web sites. Russian and Ukrainian women are generous and do not like greedy man. If you are chatting mostly online and she is hesitant to give you her personal phone number, do not accuse her of being not serious. She might just need a little bit more time to get you to know better.

Mind your manners

Well-mannered man will always attract attention of a Russian woman. Unfortunately, plenty of men simply forget about good manners when chatting with ladies on dating web sites. Do not forget about words like” thank you” or “please”. Act like a real gentleman – it is so rare among Russian and Ukrainian men.

Do not be afraid to make jokes

Humor is important part of our lives and a good way to make people like you. Russian women like men who have good sense of humour. Nobody wants to have a man that is boring do death and do not understand jokes. So do not be afraid to make jokes but be reasonable. However, make sure that your jokes are not offensive. You should not make jokes about appearance of the ladies you are communicating with even if is really dressed in a ridiculous way. It will sound like mocking and not a funny joke.

Remember: what you need to do to win a heat of a Russian and Ukrainian woman is to have a charming smile and be positive. It always works!