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How Good is English in Ukraine?

[Updated: April, 2020]

Do people speak English in Ukraine? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Let's look at our girls at Bridge of Love. Some girls on our website have an advanced level of English. Others are just beginners. In fact, you can see what level of English a girl has if you go to her profile (s. Image below):

A level of English is something you need to think about if you want to visit your girl. Traveling to Ukraine to meet your fiancée is an awesome experience. It is worth trying it at least once in a lifetime. You will never forget a trip on public transport. Especially during a boiling hot summer day. Still, it’s not the biggest challenge you may face. Having crossed the border with Ukraine, you will have to communicate with different people. If you speak Russian or Ukrainian, it’s great. However, not all foreign guests are as lucky as you are. That is why before planning a trip to Ukraine, it is advisable to know how good is English in Ukraine.

Drivers in public transport and waiters at the restaurants are not the only people you will talk to. Your Ukrainian lady is the main person you will communicate with all the time. It is a dream of every foreign guest to meet a Ukrainian woman who speaks English fluently. However, the reality is different. Yes, Ukrainians study English at primary, secondary school, as well as at the university. Still, it doesn’t mean that they speak it. To tell the truth, the level of English in Ukraine leaves much to be desired. Let’s try to find out what you are about to get into. 

Different Girls and Different Attitudes to English in Ukraine

No English – No Worries

These ladies don’t speak English at all. And they feel happy and have no concerns about it. When such a girl communicates with you online, she takes advantage of the translator’s service. So, what will happen when you come to meet her in Ukraine? You will have to enjoy the company of three: you, your fiancée, and her interpreter. She will accompany you everywhere: restaurants, shops, on a daily basis. If you plan a vacation with your lady, be ready to pay for the expenses connected with the interpreter’s service. They include not only her work but also accommodation, transport, etc. 

Google Translate is My Best Friend

It is difficult to say that women from this category are perfect interlocutors. However, at least they may understand you if you use short and simple sentences. Of course, all the languages have their peculiarities, such as sayings, proverbs, and idioms. Still, it is better to use easy language when you talk to your lady. The simpler it is, the more she will understand. 

In this case, the main problem is that it is difficult for her to speak. “London is the capital of Great Britain”, “My name is …”, “I love you”. This is probably everything she remembers from her school program. As a result, she will have to use Google Translate to answer your questions or explain something to you. In fact, it is not that bad. Google Translate offers quite good variants when you use it for spoken English. The main advantage is that you will be able to communicate with each other without any interpreter.

How Good is English in Ukraine? Good Enough but It’s a Secret

You may be surprised but there are ladies in Ukraine who speak English pretty well. They may not be fluent in it. Still, they will understand you and, what is more important, they will keep the conversation going. 

As a rule, your fiancée may have studied English for traveling or carrier. Thus, she had a strong motivation to do it. This lady will not boast that she is a genius in English. She prefers listening to you rather than talking. Moreover, she may feel insecure about speaking English on your first date, even if it is a video date. However, you may find out that she is a lovely person to talk to. She may be interested in the culture of the country you come from. So, you will have one more point to discuss while spending time together. 

Proficient Users Do Exist

It is a separate group of Ukrainian women who are eager to discuss any topic in English. Who are they, these rare creatures? Of course, they are English teachers, translators, interpreters. In a word, they are the ones whose major is English. They use it every day in their life no matter whether they communicate with someone or teach someone. 

If your lady is a proficient user of English, you may think that you have won the jackpot. However, keep in mind that these girls have a strange hobby. They like correcting mistakes. Even if you are a native speaker, it won’t save you. 

English Level Can Differ Drastically

Have you found the answer to the question of how good is English in Ukraine? As you can see, no matter whom you date, it is always possible to find a solution. In the worst case, it can be either an interpreter or Google Translate. If you are lucky enough, you will enjoy a perfect communication with the lady who speaks English well. The main idea is to choose the one you love, without paying attention to her level of English. If necessary, one may change everything. And even a typical Ukrainian girl can learn English if she knows what it is for.