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Do Russian Brides Speak English?

Do Russian Brides Speak English?

[Updated: November, 2020]

If you are planning to date a girl from Russia (or any post-Soviet country, really), you might need to know the answer to the question “c”. In this post, we will look into what levels of English you can come across when talking to girls on Bridge of Love.

Yes, most dating web sites have free translation tools, and Bridge of Love is not an exception. However, it is only logical that the majority of English-speaking men prefer to communicate with women who have good knowledge of English. But what does “good knowledge of English” mean? Keep on reading to find some measurable parameters used for defining the level of English.

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English as a School Subject

It is a fact that Russian and Ukrainian girls are open to new cultures and are eager to learn foreign languages. Also, most Russian women learn languages (mainly English and German) at school and then at university. On top of that, there are a lot of foreign language courses which are quite affordable. So, in theory, English is a school subject that every girl should master by age 18. The reality is a bit different, though.

Do Russian Brides Speak English? You can check it in their profile!

The good news is that there are plenty of Russian brides who have good knowledge of English. They can read and write emails without extra help from the third party. Before a man, who is looking for a Russian bride, begins chatting with a certain Russian woman, it is better to find out if she understands English and can speak at least a little bit. It will help avoid cross-cultural misunderstanding and make your communication more interesting. To find out what the level of English of a particular lady is, it is worth paying attention to her profile. Have a look at the picture below, to see where to find this information in the profile:

What do English levels mean?

Most renowned dating websites provide information regarding the level of English in women’s profiles. The information on the knowledge of English usually includes 1 out of 5 descriptions, aka levels of English.


The beginner level (like in the photo above) means that a woman can hardly understand what her English-speaking man is writing to her. She can read and write only with the help of a friend or an online translator. It is difficult to chat with girls like that as they find it difficult to understand jokes, colloquial English and phrasal verbs. However, if an English-speaking man gets seriously attracted to a certain lady, he might give her a chance to pick up her English.


These ladies are in the process of studying English. They have a better understanding of the language and the Western culture. But they still need to use online translators for most of the communication to get things right. It is a lot of fun to talk to girls with the Elementary level, as they constantly use their body languages, gestures and mimics in the communication process.


This is the level when you can answer Yes to the question “Do Russian Brides Speak English?’. Women who have the Intermediate level can understand English very well and communicate on their own, without asking for help online. However, they might need some help with live communication, both on Skype or in real life because they are sometimes too scared to make mistakes and be misunderstood. 


With this level, a girl can communicate without a translator or an interpreter. She will not have any problems with understanding you and expressing her thoughts, even though she might make insignificant mistakes from time to time.


It is not that rare to meet a Russian lady with an advanced level of English. These ladies speak English fluently. They have good pronunciation and can keep up a conversation on various topics. 

English is important

At Bridge of Love, we offer both translation and interpretation services for girls who do not speak English fluently. In other words, our employees can help some girls read and answer emails. Also, our team can accompany a woman to a real life date to give her a chance to get to know her partner better. 

From our experience, the Bridge of Love team can say that Russian and Ukrainian girls learn very fast. So, you meet a charming lady who makes your heart skip a beat, then give her a chance to learn English. Maybe she does not speak English now, but she will in 3 months and you will be able to enjoy your communication to the fullest as a couple!