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Belarus woman Yana, Kharkov

Those looking for a gorgeous, smart and devoted wife should definitely check out Yana, Kharkov. A stunning blonde with blue eyes and sensuous lips, she looks just like one of those magazine cover girls. But beauty isn’t her only virtue. At her fairly young age, Yana is a very reasonable woman with clear priorities and her own opinion on everything from the dinner menu to the political situation in the country. She works as a school teacher and gets along well with children. Actually, Yana has a kid of her own and can’t imagine her life without him. She is looking for a partner with solid family values that doesn’t mind dating a single mom and can become a caring father for her little one. In the future, she would like to have a second child from a man that truly loves her and will stay by her side no matter what.

As a person, Yana is honest, polite and patient. She hates rudeness and tries to stay out of trouble. Her friends say she is an idealist, but Yana is ready to put up with small flaws as long as they are offset with great merits. She is a sensitive, dreamy lady that sometimes gets lost in her thoughts. When it comes to her daily responsibilities, though, Yana shows great commitment and persistence. She will never leave a person high and dry and is always there for her family and friends.

Yana has versatile interests and hobbies that range from reading to traveling. In particular, Yana prefers active pursuits like cart racing, tennis and bowling. Whenever the weather forecast is favorable, she tries to get out of town and enjoy the beauty of Ukrainian nature. Forest picnics on weekends and walks along the seashore hand in hand with her beloved help her relax before the next hard week at school.

Her ideal partner is an open-minded and kind-hearted man with a bright personality. Yana believes that sharing common interests and pursuing common goals is highly important to build a strong, long-lasting union. She doesn’t mind watching a football match or going fishing as long as it makes her second half happy. On Yana’s opinion, couples should have common friends and common leisure and enjoy each other’s hobbies together. She is willing to spend all of her spare time with her beloved and hopes he won’t object to her little sunshine joining them.

If you feel that Belarus woman Yana, Kharkov might be a woman of your dream, don’t hesitate to drop her a line. Maybe she is the one you’ve been looking for all these years!