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Are ukrainian and russian mail order brides real?

Are ukrainian and russian mail order brides real?

One can find thousands of web sites that advertise attractive foreign mail order brides. Is it possible that all these women cannot find love in real life? They are so beautiful to be single and lonely. Or it is just a scam for naive Americans?

These are the questions that plenty of Americans ask when visiting international dating web sites. Most of them cannot believe that being so beautiful and lovely Russian and also Ukrainian women cannot find real love in life. Nevertheless, it is true. There is a great number of real women who have real profiles on online dating web sites. All these women have quite different reasons for being on dating web sites but one thing is for sure – they are real.

So who are Ukrainian mail order brides?

These are single Ukrainian women who create their profiles on dating web sites seeking husbands abroad. Most of these international dating web sites are free for women, but men might have to pay to get access to the profile database.

If the women are real, the other question that may arise: why? Why do they choose online dating web sites? The reasons why Ukrainian ladies decide to seek love abroad are different.

  • Online dating web sites provide Ukrainian ladies with access to various profiles.
  • Ukrainian ladies are open to international dating because they are interested in discovering new cultures and meeting new people. It has become easier to get in touch with men from abroad interested in building a relationship rather than a fellow countryman.
  • Ukrainian women are seeking husbands abroad as American and European men are said to have a much better attitude to women than Ukrainian ones. American and western men tend to be more secure and protective. They show more respect and do not take women’s work for granted. It is quite understandable as every woman wants to have a loving husband and a caring father.
  • American and western men care about family and children. Even though they know that they have to provide for their families, they will find time to spend with their kids and wives.
  • Gender imbalance is also one of the reasons because this phenomenon is greatly increasing in Ukraine year by year. That means that it is getting more difficult to find a husband with more women than men. Moreover, the chances that a potential candidate will be smart and handsome are getting decreasing.
  • Ukrainian women are willing to relocate due to economic and social problems in the country. The most unflattering thing that can be beard is that Ukrainian women only want to get a green card by all means. The truth is that they want to provide their future children with a better future and understand that it is difficult to give one in such conditions.
  • Another important reason is that traditional western men tend to drink and smoke less than Ukrainians. Probably it can be explained by state policies against smoking and limitation on drinking. It results in a longer life expectancy in comparison to the average life span in Ukraine. In Ukraine men tend to live less than women due to poor living conditions, constant pressure and bad habits.
  • Western men are handsome while western women are of average beauty. It is easier to attract a western man who will be a more faithful partner. Some Ukrainian ladies even make jokes that there are too many beautiful women in Ukraine that even men find it difficult to be faithful.