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Activate Your Phone Task Guide

Dear customers!

Due to many requests and high interest in the "Activate Your Phone" task, we decided to provide you a special guide, that will help you understand how it works and what are the conditions to successfully get your reward without any delays.


The first and foremost important thing that you should know about this task is that you cannot complete it without finishing the Activate Your Profile task and User Identification task. This is the very first step you should make before beginning Activate Your Phone task!


After you have completed Activate Your Profile and User Identification tasks, you should follow these simple steps:

1) Accept the task by following the instructions. You can find it in your Extensions -> My Tasks, or follow this link.

2) Enter the full number with your country code. You can get your country code here.

3) Only after you have submitted your phone number you will be able to send a request. To send a request please click on the "Accept" button.

After you have done and meet all requirements, you will receive a code in 5 minutes. 



- You can submit a new code only once per 24 hours;

- If you cannot see a dialog window to enter your phone number after clicking on "Click to enter a phone number" then please re-login to the website;

- You will not be able to change your phone number and it will be bonded to your profile;

- Please do not try to re-submit your phone number, since you will only re-start the time of waiting.


 If you have not received your code after the established time - please write to customer support.


Thank you for using our services!


Best Regards,

Bridge-of-Love support team.