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8 Things that Make Men Suspicious when Dating with Russian Women

8 Things that Make Men Suspicious when Dating with Russian Women

If a beautiful Russian woman makes impression of a rough, naughty or absolutely not suitable person for you, do not make hasty conclusions. Today a model of behavior in Russian and Western society are so different that this difference often causes a complete misunderstanding and rejection on both sides. Your task is to gently point out the other norms of behavior. As soon as a woman realizes that people behave and react to things differently in your country, she will change her strategy.

So do not feel suspicious or nervous if your bride performs any of the following actions.

1. She does not smile. See how some on the crowd of people in your hometown and the one of the bride, and you'll understand. It is not accepted to go with a smile on your face in Russia. Try to smile to people in the streets. 100% of people will start nervously touch their clothes to find the reason why you are so amused. When they do not find it, they will treat you as a fraudster who wants to sell obviously useless things. Open and smiling faces in Russia are suspicious. That is, most people will think you are laughing at them. Do you feel the difference?

2. She does not apologize. You've learned that all the people around apologize for the slightest inconvenience, if they stand in the way, accidentally touch your elbow or even come too close disrupting your comfort zone. But an average Russian is simply unaware that these facts are the reason for an apology. How would you behave, if you grew up in a country where a person who touched another passerby shouts at the victim something like the following, "Where you're going? Don’t you have eyes?”

4. She presents strange jokes. Remember that Russian often joke with completely serious faces. Just explain your woman that if she wants to cheer others, she must, first of all, laugh herself. Be prepared for the fact that your wife sometimes will not understand your humor (and sit with a poker face while watching comedy programs).

5. She does not visit doctors. In Russia there is common practice to undergo regular preventive examinations. Many believe that as long as nothing hurts, then the person is healthy. Therefore, some Russian women sit in the dental chair only when the flux in half face large and the toothache is killing.

6. Wash the dishes wasting too much water. In domestic matters Russia is different. Their utilities are not so expensive, so the water flow is not limited as strictly as in Western countries. Russian woman does not save water to wipe the bathroom tissue. Similar situation is with the light, your bride can move from one room to another without switching it off.

7. She spends too much money on clothes. You know that others judge your financial position basing on the car and the house. In Russia, an important indicator of well-being is her appearance. Therefore, your girlfriend will not ever think to go out in jeans, faded T-shirt and with no makeup. What in your mind is a festive look-ohm, relevant to a large official ceremony is the daily norm for her. The first thing for the average Russian woman is a superimposition of makeup, even if minimal.

8. She always complaints. You've learned that people around you are mostly satisfied with their lives. When your fellow’s car broke down, he had the quarrel with his wife or any trouble at work, he still if full of optimism. Your bride is sad even about a burnt cake. Russian women are not ashamed to be weak or look miserable. Just communicate with her trying to get her point of view. I'm sure after some time she will change her inner world for better.

There is no reason to suspect your Russian girlfriend in something wrong, because faithful relationships base on sincere love and mutual trust. If you feel something strange is going on with her, do not just t hesitate just to discuss it together calmly. You will see that a simple conversation cures most of misunderstanding.