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Hanna Hanna
ID: 124881
Wife from Ukraine







Date of birth





5 feet 7 inches (170.18 cm)


121 lbs (54.9 kg)










Christian - General

Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


English Spanish German French

English level

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I dont smoke


I do not drink alcohol

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I don’t consider myself as an ordinary Ukrainian girl, I always wanted to stand out and be different from everyone, I think this is not bad, because each of us is an individuality and one of the goals of my life to develop myself as a person. I believe that one of the important components in the life of any girl is personal growth. What am I doing for this? Currently I’m studying medicine in college. I always wanted to help people, so when I entered the college I had 2 tasks: 1 to get a lot of knowledge and grow as a person, and 2 to find out how I can help people in need. I really hope that I will be a decent doctor, because I feel that this is my calling and I enjoy it. Every day I feel more and more needed by people and my desire to help and take care of them is growing in me. In my free time, I like evening walks in the city or a morning jogging. I believe that this is very important for the body, because I need to be healthy in order to treat other people. I follow a diet, eat only the right food, healthy nutrition, but of course sometimes I can treat myself to something tasty. From healthy food, I love seafood, especially shrimps. But I have never tried lobsters, I would dream of trying them, it is a pity that they are so expensive. But I want to try to make money so that lobsters and any seafood no longer seem so expensive. For this, I work a little bit as a photographer. I also adore animals, especially love my rabbit. Yes, I have a wonderful little
I love photography, it is very exciting to photograph people. I arrange photo shoots for girls and it seems to me it works out well, because all the girls I photographed said many thanks to me and were very happy.   Another of my hobbies is makeup. I like to create new looks on myself and on my friends, sometimes they even offer me money for the make up for a party or a special event. I am very pleased to see happy girls when they see themselves in a new look with beautiful makeup. I also like to lead an active lifestyle: hiking, cycling, camping. And I always take headphones with me on any trip, because I just adore music and I can’t imagine my day without music in my ears.
For me, the most important thing is clarity and honesty. Relations should be built on trust and respect for each other and completely eliminate fraud. This should be accompanied by receiving only positive emotions for each of us. And feelings must be mutual on both sides. There must be faith in love and that there is somewhere a soul mate for each person.
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