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Inna Inna
ID: 127154
Mature Russian woman







Date of birth





5 feet 2 inches (157.48 cm)


119 lbs (54 kg)






University Degree




Christian - General

Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


Russian Ukrainian

English level

* The knowledge of English language is rated by clients



I dont smoke


I do not drink alcohol

  • About me
  • Hobbies
  • Ideal relationship
I always strive for sincerity in both relationships and friendships. I really enjoy exercising. After all, sport helps not only to keep your body in good shape, but also helps to get rid of a bad mood. I really like to discover something new for myself, to develop. I really like outdoor activities and evening walks by the river. These moments help you collect your thoughts and enjoy nature. I hate betrayal and people who weave intrigues. I just try to avoid such people right away.
My hobby is cooking. From early childhood, I woke up from the delicious, vanilla coffee aromas of the kitchen, where my beloved grandmother was already baking fresh pies and brewing tea for breakfast for the whole family. In the evenings, I often helped my grandmother knead dough or make dumplings, and she endowed me with the old secrets of Ukrainian cuisine. Sometimes I wonder if the human imagination in the field of cooking will dry up, because so many things have already been invented, prepared and tried. And then I go to the kitchen, stand at the stove and begin to invent something unique with a "twist" inherent only to me. And every time you get something new and original. And recently it became clear to me that my other favorite pastime is hiking or just walking in nature. I love hiking because it is a very exciting and educational activity. Each time you learn more and more about nature. Moreover, it is very beneficial for health, since it is always fresh air and physical activity.
My ideal man is a man with a good sense of humor and romantic. He is always responsible for his words and deeds. This is the man who will make me hot tea on a cold evening, so that I can keep warm. With him we will be able to go to the cinema, theaters, shops, discuss different situations. It is not necessary to constantly talk to him, we can understand each other without words. This is the man whom I will meet with a delicious and hot dinner from work. Walking down the street we will always hold hands. His actions should speak for themselves. A man should not hide his feelings. He will always be able to listen, support, calm down. If there is a man next to me who will help me reach my potential, I promise that I will make him the happiest man on the planet.
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