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Andrea Andrea
ID: 128380
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5 feet 3 inches (160.02 cm)


101 lbs (45.8 kg)






University Degree




Christian - General

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Never Married

Number of children

No children



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I dont smoke


I drink occassionally

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I am a bright and charismatic girl with eyes of the color of the azure sea. My eyes are my main highlight, and I love it when people pay attention to them. But despite my flamboyance, I often feel lonely. My dream is to meet someone special who can share my interests and passions with me and who will love me for who I am. I believe that somewhere out there, in this vast world, there is my ideal partner, who will be my destiny. In the meantime, I continue to look for him, I enjoy life, travel, communicate with interesting people and dream that I will soon find my love.
Dancing and drawing is my everything! When I dance, I forget about everything in the world and immerse myself in the world of rhythm and movement. Dancing is my passion, my hobby and my hobby. But when I paint, I find comfort and peace. Drawing for me is heaven for my soul. I love to create paintings that reflect my emotions and feelings. When I paint, I can express myself and my thoughts the way I want. Drawing gives me the opportunity to escape from reality and plunge into the world of my fantasies. I feel free and happy when I paint. Dancing and drawing are my everything, this is what gives me joy and inspiration.
How difficult it is to be a young beautiful girl in search of the perfect partner! I dream of meeting a worthy man who can give me feelings of love for life. I'm not looking for short-term romances or superficial relationships. I'm looking for true love that will last a lifetime. I want to find a man who will respect me and my beliefs, who will love me for who I am, and who will be ready to walk with me through life shoulder to shoulder. I know that such a person exists somewhere out there, and I am ready to wait for him until he finds me. But sometimes I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. There is no one in my environment who would be ready for such a serious attitude, who would understand me and who would be ready to go with me throughout my life. But I don't give up and that's why I'm here on this site. I continue to search for my love, believing that someday I will definitely find it.
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