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Yuliana Yuliana
ID: 128315
Girl hot Ukraine







Date of birth





5 feet 7 inches (170.18 cm)


128 lbs (58.1 kg)






University Degree


Military Nurse, Telegraph Operator


Christian - General

Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


English Russian Ukrainian

English level

* The knowledge of English language is rated by clients



I dont smoke


I drink occassionally

  • About me
  • Hobbies
  • Ideal relationship
In any difficult life situation, I remain an optimist. I believe in people and that I will meet here a worthy person who needs love and evenness. To the man I love, I will give all my care and tenderness. Now Ukrainian women who want to defend the country as part of a battalion are trained in special centers and I am no exception. Started service in 2023. If you are ready to love me for my soul and heart you are my ideal. Let's get acquainted!
Arts, crafts or outdoor activities not only help me relax but also provide an effective way to deal with stress. Scrapbooking. Reading has always been my hobby. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Cooking and running, developing intellectual games, as well as board games, my favorite game is chess
A man may view a woman as the material from which he molds the ideal partner. He can be annoying with constant instructions and moralizing. Considering himself more experienced and wise, he will single-handedly make important decisions for both.A financially accomplished man is a reliable support for a family in which a woman can take care of the house, hobbies and raising children without needing anything. Interesting person. An adult man is a person who has seen and knows a lot. Of course, it is more interesting with him than with a peer who has not yet decided who he is and what interests him. Emotional support and care. With age, men begin to understand women at least a little, or at least pretend to. They know how to listen and support in difficult times, which can be difficult for young couples. Therefore, I am looking for a man older than me - from 40 to 58 years old Reliability. A mature man has already “walked up”, he knows what he wants. It is not scary to create a family with him, you can rely on him. Sex life. An experienced one knows how, how much and what a woman wants, and is not obsessed with her sexual success.
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