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Anna Anna
ID: 127174
Bride in Uzbekistan







Date of birth





5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm)


108 lbs (49 kg)






University Degree


English teacher


Christian - General

Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


Ukrainian Russian English

English level

* The knowledge of English language is rated by clients



I dont smoke


I do not drink alcohol

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  • Ideal relationship
I have a calm, balanced character, and can think soberly even in a stressful situation. I am friendly, open to new acquaintances and emotions, because I want to know the world through them. I like to fill my life with impressions, bright moments, turn gray everyday life into a fairy tale. Also, I will always gladly share my good mood with the people around me. I always value true friendship and cannot stand false relationships, hypocrisy, betrayal . I am a perfectionist , I do my work carefully and try to achieve the ideal in everything. My character is kind, compassionate , I will always come to the rescue of close people and friends. I have leadership qualities, I am quite a purposeful girl and I know exactly what I want from life.
I really love to read British and American literature, I really like the characteristic style of writing, and even in my head it sounds special. I like to spend my free time with close people, walking in the fresh air, leaving with them on country trips, having fun in every possible way and having a positive rest. I follow the figure and do gymnastics, jogging, fitness. Also, I like to watch scientific programs, exploring new directions for me and learning something new. I consider myself a rather erudite person due to the fact that I always gladly draw information from the world. In addition, I love shopping, and I am always happy to buy new things. I do it wisely, correctly, distributing funds, and do not go too far, like many girls.
I like caring men who do not only think about themselves. Unfortunately, among the current generation there are more and more egoists who do not even try to get the girl and just want to get what they want. It is important for me that a person shows bestowal, and not only gets used to consuming my attention and love. Age, height, weight, skin color are not important to me, the main thing for me is that he be with a kind heart and an open soul for me. I do not want secrets, betrayals, scandals and other intrigues in our family life. I need a faithful partner who will not betray, deceive, and will not cheat on me with other girls. I think this is a very important moment for future relations. He must clearly understand what he wants to achieve in life, and if he is already an accomplished person, then he wants him to be a person with formed views on life and his own opinion. I always welcome a sense of humor and an active life position, because we will be so similar and it will be much easier to build relationships.
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