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Anastasia Anastasia
ID: 127874
Beautiful ukrainian bride







Date of birth





5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm)


100 lbs (45.4 kg)


Light brown




High School





Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


English Russian Ukrainian German

English level

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I dont smoke


I do not drink alcohol

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I am a very energetic and confident girl. I will always find something to entice myself and have a nice time. I am also very open and kind to everything new. I love making acquaintances, communicating with interesting people. I believe that every communication with people is an experience. I am a faithful person, I will never be able to betray or offend people close to me, for which my friends greatly appreciate. I am able to come to the rescue at any time of the day, I will never refuse a person if he really needs me. I believe that I have a great sense of humor, I am very sociable. I can always support any dialogue and, if appropriate, laugh at myself. In any situation, I try to find a compromise. It is important to be able to negotiate.
As for my interests, their plural. I really do not like to miss, so I always find myself a lesson to my liking. The very first thing I want to say is I madly like nature and everything that is connected with it. Therefore, at home I have a small garden where I grow vegetables and fruits, berries and flowers. The biggest love is flowers, plants, trees... I read a lot of books on these topics, and therefore I know a lot. I also like to care for pets, I have three of them: the dog Leia, the cat Barsik and the guinea pig Peppa. Before going to bed, I usually do embroidery or knitting. It soothes me very much and sets me up for a favorable sleep atmosphere.
I would very much like my future man to complement me. Happy couples strive for mutual understanding and partnership. They are always willing to compromise for peace and tranquility. I believe that a man and a woman in a relationship should not suppress each other, force and indicate. They must negotiate with each other because they know how to listen to each other. That is the most important thing. I am not looking for a prince on a white horse, but probably every girl wants to find reliability, mutual understanding, respect and decency in a man. Since I really love nature and everything that is alive, I would like my man to share my interests. So that he would become a true guide to me in this life, so that I would like to follow him without looking back. He is kind and responsive, who loves and wants to have children.
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