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ID: 123311
Beautiful girl Ukraine







Date of birth





5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm)


115 lbs (52.2 kg)






University Degree


Event Organizer


Christian - General

Marital status


Number of children



Russian Ukrainian

English level

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I dont smoke


I drink occassionally

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  • Ideal relationship
If you heard about people who can be full of energy and be active all the time, its about me) I can say that I just can’t sit on one place and I am always running somewhere or doing smth) But I think that in our modern life where everything is going so fast and you need to catch any news – people need to stay active and especially when you are living in big city. And maybe my work also influences on me because I am working on the organization of different holidays and especially for little kids) I like communication with children and it gives me a lot of energy and inspiration when I spend time with them. But I always need to be in different places and find common language with different people who have different character, but I like it very much) Its always great to meet someone new and to bring joy and happiness to people and especially kids) But it doesn’t mean that I don’t have time for my family and friends. My parents play important role in my life and I love my brother. My mother has taught me what means to live the whole life with person and love him and be ready to take care about him in any situation. Sometimes people need to sacrifice with some things if they want to save their relations and don’t lose each other, its important to find compromises also. Do you agree with me about this? Sometimes life can look hard but when you feel the strong shoulder of your partner near you – you are not afraid to make any decision or some important step in your life.
I am very active person and thats\' why i pay really a lot of attention to the sport and keeping myself in good shape) I love being outdoors and thats why, summer is my favorite season and i love camping and making picnics on a fresh air. Like every woman, i love cooking and i am rather good in it) Reading is also very interesting type of spending my evening, so i enjoy the works of different authors and always find something nice for myself. I love learning new cultures and in future i want to dream and see the world with my man!
Its hard to say what person I am looking for, because when you fall in love – you don’t care what color of eyes or skin has your partner…You pay attention on his inner world and on his attitude to you. I can say that I don’t trust men who can promise to give the whole world to their women at once or catch the star from sky…I will trust someone who will say that he needs simple family happiness being together with his woman and enjoy simple things in life. And its important to have confidence in the person who is near you and whom you can give not just your body but your soul and your heart, and what woman are you looking for? Maybe you can share with me, I will be waiting)
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