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ID: 125600
Beautiful and sexy Russian woman







Date of birth





5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm)


104 lbs (47.2 kg)






High School





Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children



English level

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I dont smoke


I drink occassionally

  • About me
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  • Ideal relationship
I am real, serious, ready for meeting and cooperation. I work on TV as a speaker of weather forecast.Also I cooperate with some internet shops as a model to advertise their clothes. I like my work and it gives pretty good profit, so I\'m not looking for wallet, I'm not interested to become kept woman or someone to take care of all time. Just a woman who wanna get love and care, who knows life is not fairy tale, who does not expect all steps from man only, and who would like to know you better. I love to travel, learn new cultures and make new acquaintances. Leaving the comfort zone is my hobby. :roll: Would you like to join me with it? I love to dance, for me is a pure thrill. Even when I clean my flat I can turn music loud on and dance with a mop, imagining I am a rock star) I have the most universal taste in the world in music. I can enjoy serious songs of Scorpions as well as soul song of Celine Dion) I'm a person who cannot sit still. I always like to move around. As they say life it's a movement, right? I have ambitious plans! I always want to achieve more than I have, learning something new, my goal and dream to find myself, to find my vocation in life. And for sure it would be nice to make all these achievements with someone special by my side. Shared pleasure is double pleasure, right?
I have many hobbies. This fine arts. Floriculture. Gardening. Sport. I adore to spend time doing picnics and camping. I also love to travel and discover new wonders of the world. But the most important thing in the journey for me is to be in move, I am not hotel sitter and prefer to find something to be busy with.
The ideal of my man is similar to simple arithmetic, where beauty is not in the first place.For me, the ideal man is the one I'm in love with. It is difficult to say what qualities attract me and what repel. If I\'m in love or I have a big interest and attraction for man, even bad qualities can become cute to me . The most important traits for me are attentiveness, care, charm, sense of humor and kindness, the desire to grow and be a breadwinner. Quickly recovering from the negative, loyal, not mediocrely determined and love animals. I think everyone needs someone in life not just the physical and emotional intimacy but for companionship purposes too, do you agree? Someone to talk to on a closer note and do things together with as well. Men cannot live without women and women cannot live without men so I think we both need each other with the help of love to survive. Love is a beautiful thing. Let's share it with you!
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