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Hello, thanks so much for visiting my profile. My name is Daria, as you may have noticed, ahah) It's so weird to be one day on a Dating site. I hadn't even thought about this before, but fate brought me here. I have done this step and I think that will not regret about this action in the future. What can I say about myself? I am small, delicate and fragile girl. You could call me a romantic, dreamy person. But at the same time I am a passionate and hot girl, ahah) You will not be bored with me, I believe it. I won't let you sleep, only a small spark will run between us, and after a small period of time fire will burn between us! Then that flame will turn into a volcano of passion and love! I light up like a match, only give me the slightest reason, ahah) I am an emotional, sometimes impulsive. But you will know with me new sensations, sharp, interesting and unusual. I will show you a space in one touch of my hand! After meeting and talking with me you will not be able to forget me. Want to make sure and check it out? Then I wait for you, take me to your prisoner, I do not mind to be in it, and under your impact of love and passion. Friends say I'm a people person and maybe they are right. I am a generator of new ideas and thoughts, creative and interesting in communication girl. I can support any topic of conversation, ranging from art and books, and ending with politics, psychology and relationships. My motto in life is to go forward and not look back. Our mistakes make
What about interests and preferences, how to spend free time, I love sport, singing, reading books and traveling. Sport for me is almost my whole life and my first passion. My second passion is singing. I love to sing, the song reveals the human feelings. I also like to travel. My favorite city St. Petersburg. There I travel almost every year. I love books, including novels, adventurous novels, science, fantastic books, everything! My favorite book is “War and Peace» by Leo Tolstoy, "Pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen and many other masterpieces of world literature.
What can you say about the man I\'m looking for. Looking for an unusual, extraordinary man,who are free from stereotypes and patterns of conduct. Fluent in action, feelings and thoughts. My soul mate is free, and in a relationship with me And the most importantly, we understand each other! My man does not laugh over my dreams, happy to listen to all of my childhood memories, we speak the same language, we are on the same wavelength. He always knows how to cheer me and to please. That\'s the man I need. Do you think we might have something happen? Let\'s try, eh? I expect your decision, but in the meantime best wishes :)
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