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Darina Darina
ID: 96771
Ukraine girl photo







Date of birth





5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm)


122 lbs (55.3 kg)








fitness trainer



Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


English level

* The knowledge of English language is rated by clients



I dont smoke


I do not drink alcohol

  • About me
  • Hobbies
  • Ideal relationship
I am a young and very beautiful girl, who tries to find a man for creating the family. When you enter Ukrainian girl photo in the Internet, you can find my pictures, because I am a model. But I am getting older and I think that I will search the main job and leave fashion. As for me, obviously, I am open and kind. I never say rude words and I often try to solve situations with peace. I live in Odessa and I like the sea a lot. Of course, my favorite photos are on the banks of the Black sea as well.
As for hobby, I have my own blog in Internet. There I can give advices for girls and woman, when they ask me about my hair, make up and figure. I like speaking with people, when I see that my tips are useful for them. Sometimes they send me their photos, in which they are after my advices. It is rather good and wonderful, because we can communicate from different places of the world. There were two cases when these people were getting more close to me. Later I met with 2 girls and we are good friends now. That’s why I really appreciate my hobby and I like my work.
As is said above, I think to change my work and to find a better and more serious activity. That’s why my future husband can be calm and patient, because I will always be with him. Of course, my man has to be smart and clever, strong and tall. I always dream about the man who will be taller than me. As all other girl I dream about the wedding dress and of course, about wedding day. I hope that this will be the greatest time of my life. Neither photos, nor models can be compared with this wonderful time. I think that after wedding we will think about children and I am ready to be mother. But I don’t want to sit at home all days long. I want to help my husband to earn money for us. And I think that he will not refuse me to do it. That’s why if you want to acquaint with me, just send email for me. I will answer as soon as possible.
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