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Alexandra Alexandra
ID: 127189
Russian woman online







Date of birth





5 feet 5 inches (165.10 cm)


133 lbs (60.3 kg)






High School





Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children


Ukrainian Russian

English level

* The knowledge of English language is rated by clients



I smoke cigarettes


I drink occassionally

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  • Ideal relationship
I am an emotional person. But I myself do not like to share personal emotions. The feelings and moods of others I understand instantly, but rarely frank. The problem with expressing your feelings is associated with protective mental mechanisms. I like to show initiative both in work and in personal relationships, unmistakably choosing associates and helpful people. I am very caring. My friends think sometimes too much. I like to dream and fantasize, for this reason I am not afraid to be alone with myself. I am a very impressionable and vulnerable girl. I am very easily offended.
Each person has his own favorite pastime, a hobby that suits him in terms of temperament and state of mind and body. Someone really loves to sing, someone dances with pleasure, someone sews perfectly, is engaged in any kind of sports. My favorite pastime is knitting. I have been knitting for a long time. Now I knit for myself or for my family and friends, because this one is so great to give something made with my own hands. It can be a small creation, for example, socks or an openwork napkin. Winter or cold, rainy autumn is best for knitting when you spend a lot of time at home. Moreover, this type of hobby can be successfully combined with watching programs, as well as listening to audiobooks. The process of knitting itself distracts me from sad thoughts, helps me cope with mood swings, and sometimes even resentment. After all, knitting enthralls and calms, helps to relax, despite the fact that you need to carefully monitor the pattern. I really love to knit!
The man of my dreams understands me, just as I understand him, I feel comfort and warmth when I am with him, next to him, when you take your loved one by the hand, you understand that this is yours, dear person, when you shout: I am happy! Because I am with him, because I love him! The man of my dreams may not be perfect in beauty, but predominate with inner qualities ... Those qualities that will begin to beckon to themselves, to attract to themselves. My man should be first of all, responsible, loving, understand what a family is. he understands humor and will always support you in difficult times when you feel bad, caress and hug you. He is a caring and good family man, he loves children. He, when you are afraid, will say Do not be afraid, I am with you and will give you his hand. This is my prince. With such a man, when hearts beat in unison to each other, it is not scary to think about tomorrow. Because you wake up and see him next to you, you will know that he is always with you.
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