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ID: 123316
Russian bikini bride




Krivoy Rog



Date of birth





5 feet 7 inches (170.18 cm)


111 lbs (50.3 kg)






University Degree


Tourist Agent



Marital status

Never Married

Number of children

No children



English level

* The knowledge of English language is rated by clients



I dont smoke


I drink occassionally

  • About me
  • Hobbies
  • Ideal relationship
I'm glad that you're reading about me!I am who I am because I have been working on my personality for my whole life. I've always had aims to reach. When I want something I will never stop till I get it. I am stubborn and persistent, but I am proud of these features. Thanks to them I have what I have and I am who I am. I never give up and I never let down the people I care about. I consider myself to be a strong and mature woman, even though I am in my early twenties. I've seen life and you will always have topics to talk about with me. I have very positive character and attitude to life. No matter what happens, it is for the better! This is the truth of the life, I believe in a happy future!I am a sporty girl. I love fitness! I enjoy playing DJ instruments, singing, music in general. There are really many things i\'m interested in. But the main hobby of mine will be making my man happy.
I like making each day something new and focusing on the positive things in life. I have a great interest in health and fitness and enjoy training with weights. I like reading and enjoy all kinds of music and movies. I like going to art festivals, museums, the theatre, and many other kinds of events. I enjoy nature and outdoors, taking a walk in the park or the forest, visiting the beach or the lake. I like animals and have a pet cat and a bird. I love going to new restaurants and trying different dishes and cuisines. I also enjoy cooking and shopping.
I am looking for a soulmate in the full sense of this word. Someone to love and to give all myself to. I am looking for a man who will support me in all my beginnings, will be happy for all my victories and achievements. I want him to take me for who I am with all my advantages and disadvantages. I want to start my day with his bright smile and to end it in his bear tight hugs as we are falling asleep together. I search happy, healthy, nourishing relationship when I and my man feel like the happiest couple in this existence. It is only in our hands to create and keep such wonderful relationship, to bring joy, brightness and passion into each other's lives.
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