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[Updated: June, 2019] As a rule, dating younger women - or men, for that matter - is often frowned upon. Why? Most people still believe that it is better and safer to date their peers. For example, if you are in your 40s, you are supposed to like women who are from 35 to 45. But there is no such obstacle as age for true love. What should you do if you have developed feelings for a woman much younger than you? Are age gap relationships good or bad? Let’s find out together? Why is d...
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Girls Of The Month Bridge of love March 2016 contest...
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I am greeting you, my dear! How do you think what we need for our happiness? That's right - we need love and an ability to travel all around the world. Moreover, it is desirable to travel with the one you love! One small step forwards my dream I have already done. Yes, this small step was so frantic and so important for me. I have already stated travelling and the first place that I visited was one of the most ancient and mysterious countries in the world. The name of this country is Italy....
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Optimistic and positive people always attract with special energy that they produce. Russian women are not the exception – they also prefer confident, enthusiastic and creative men. This is something a Russian bride will definitely pay attention to before deciding whether she wants to get into serious relations with you. So if a you are in a search of a Russian bride take it as a must – you need to be a positive man. Smile You can start with your profile photo. Do not hesitat...
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Finding a Russian bride is the goal of thousands of men from numerous countries of the world, which they are striving to achieve. Some of them come to Russia and Ukraine, other prefer a safer way and use international dating web sites. So – called Russian bride phenomenon has occurred due to numerous reasons, but what is more interesting is that both a man and a woman are interested in this kind of relationships. Men know that Russian ladies are beautiful, intelligent and can make real...
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