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In this post, we are going to tell you 5 surprising facts about Russian women. But before we get started, let's think about what you already know about Russia in general. What do you know about the Russian people? Where do you get all the information from? Can you make up a complete image of an average Russian woman only on the basis of other people’s words? What if these people have never been to Russia and have never communicated with residents? So, here are our honest and yet su...
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A recent research conducted by Americans has showed incredible results - a great number of American men prefer Ukrainian and Russian women over American women. They look for ways and opportunities to meet women from Ukraine and Russia. Most men try to find the one through online dating web sites or Russian mail order brides agencies and services, but there are also those men who are more adventurous and directly go to Russia and Ukraine hoping to meet a wonderful woman who would get interested ...
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Russian women are very popular not only among American men but also among men of some European countries. No wonder. Russian ladies are well-known for being beautiful, smart and talented. A great number of men from western countries are dreaming about dating Russian women. Some of them might think that all they have to do is to come Russia and meet local ladies. As a matter of fact, it is not the best way as there is no guarantee that a particular woman is willing to have any international r...
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- Hello! The beauty contest "Miss September" with the theme "The End of Summer" of ended and our winner is Oksana ID 107944 ! Our congradulations to you, Oksana! - Hello! Thank you. - Tell us please how did you made your photo. - Well there is no secret of it, it is just about the real beauty and some style. - Do you know, by the opinion of the majority of men you were the most beautiful lady of this September! What do you feel about it? - Thank you, well I a...
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I am greeting you, my darling! I would like to share with you my unforgettable emotions that I have got during my magic trip to one small and fabulous state Malta. As I have already mentioned, I got unbelievable impressions that I will never forget and that will enrich the rest of my life. As like others girls in travel I had one common issue that kept me on the alert during my vacation. This issue is absence of you! I wish I could share my happiness with you. I wish we could see this parad...
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